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It looks slightly better to me, but it could be wishful thinking. Midwife thought it looked about the same, but was very unconcerned and told me so emphatically My attempts to keep him filled to the brim with milk may not have had the effect on the jaundice I had hoped, but it did get him over his birthweight in pretty short order. And he doesn't seem to be sleepy (well, overly sleepy) since that first day after the jaundice cropped up. So it seems to be okay
Hi Carmen! Cutting out dairy is tough. I did it with 2 of my girls. One I had to completely eliminate it and be totally vigilant with occult dairy too. The other had a threshold, I could have things with a litttle dairy cooked in, like cakes or bread. Or small amts of cheese. But couldn't do things like drink milk or have ice cream, or cream in coffee. It really did make huge difference though. The mucous cleared up, the fussiness stopped. It took about a week for me to...
i thought i would post the bag i made my MW for her prenatal appts, and the earings i made her apprentice. i know it's not for the baby, but the bag is pretty great i think. it's got all kinds of pockets ...    
somegirl- you're up near Sonoma right? I fly out to SF in two weeks!!! im not ready  :/ We found a house in San Leandro, it was impossible to get a place in the city. with dh being a lawyer and 4 kids, it was like having scarlett letters on our chests.
I think I'm going to have to sit outside with him. It looks better to me, but I'd like it to go away. Terrible for pictures :/ I'd sit by the window, but we have all new windows that block UV, so I wonder if it would help XD Edelweiss- the boys are getting stronger and better nursers everytime you breastfeed. hopefully you won't need to supplement for long.
Yikes, Lotus! That must have been intense. But yay! Congratulations You're next, Gray!
Very cute! I like your sling fabric too.
No, he was born at home so I typically don't see our doctor until later on. MW wasn't concerned. He seemed a little sleepy on day 4 so I woke him up often and made drink as much milk as I could! He has seemed to wake up (well, for a newborn) since then. But I didn't realize it took that long for the color to fade.
The boy is a little jaundiced in his face. I've never had a baby with jaundice before Anyone have a LO with it? How long did it take to go away?
Cardigan- that's quite an ordeal to go through. I'm very glad that you are both well and I hope you have a quick and smooth recovery. I also hope your mom is okay. Congratulations on your baby boy!
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