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Sky- it could still be discomfort from the thrush. Hopefully it was an isolated incident. but if it happens again you may have luck giving her just a bit from the bottle to get her settled and then latching her on to finish at the breast.
Do you like the binder? I'm sorry to hear about your mastitis maybe a different bra would help? I'm also prone to it, and I have found in the past that if I over-do it, I am likely to wind up on my back with a bout of it. How do you feel after your run this morning?
Congrats Mama!!!
Congrats Emcol! Glad he's here and hope you're well.
just looking at our role call thread, it looks great Somegirl, and thinking about how both the baking soda test AND the shettles method did not give me an accurate prediction 
Ugh. No power since 2am last night. The power company is giving us an 11:30p restoration time. They usually like to overestimate, so I'm hoping that will be the case this time. But we've lost power so many times this year, just in my neighborhood. It's nuts!!!
Domperidone is a really good choice if you want a pharmaceutical galactogogue (sp?). None of the concerns of Reglan. If you can find a doc to prescribe it, a compounding pharmacy can make it for you. A lot of moms get theirs from overseas pharmacies. There is a good sticky about it in the breastfeeding forums. Emily- 2 of my 4 ( I don't know if Julian will follow suit) have been like that. After the mec was out, one pooped every 6-8 and one every 3-4 days. They were...
Have her do what helps You the most. Physically and emotionally. There are two of those little dudes! You're going to have to eat, shower, nap, use the bathroom, etc. There will be plenty of time for her and FIL to hold babies, if you feel more comfortable doing the feeding. As for diaper changes, I might ask her to bring you a diaper and a wipe and change a diaper while she is standing right there. That way you can explain while you're doing it, it will probably be more...
I had no idea. Glad they are helping, that you're good without them, and that you can start back up though!
Edelweiss- make you're in-laws a list of what they can do. You need help, not people to entertain. Seriously, you are totally justified in doing that, so don't even feel bad for a second if you do it!
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