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Liked Strider. We have a balance bike for our 3 year old. It is trashed! He has used it so much! I would love to have a new one for his little brother.
I have been on mothering for 7 years now, We love Montessori, and I just opened a Montessori Preschool in North Ogden. I thought some other moms on here would like to check it out! ;) My goal was to make it affordable, while still being authentic, "pure" Montessori. We have an amazingly qualified head teacher and great materials!   www.mymontessoripreschool.com  
Just Liked Bella Luna toys!
I Like Mothering on FB
K I'm gonna stick my neck out there and say this: 1. A child who is night weaned will make up the nutritional difference durring the day. 2. Nursing at night is not the only form of comfort OP never said she was going to leave the child comfortless and I really don't think it would be a big deal to night wean if that would work better for the balance of her family. Being a martyr is not healthy for anyone involved. There are many, many OTHER options to regain balance...
Quote: Originally Posted by SweetPotato My family is what comes first- and I show my love by feeding them and spending time with them. Others choose to show their love by taking on the work of cloth diapers, or by keeping the floors spotless. Whatever does it for you and yours is okay-- but if what you're doing isn't "doing it" for you, or is takingyour time from something more important, than totally reconsider things. YES!! I love this!!!...
Quote: Originally Posted by bstandlee completely ignoring him while I'm reading a book and he's watching tv (which I try not to do but sometimes my brain is mush and I just need a break See I think its GREAT for kids to see their parents engaged in activities that they love. ESPECIALLY reading that is SOOOOOOOO important for them to see that modeled. It also gives them the chance to learn to find things that interest them. It's all about...
My husband's official household job is dishes.We run the dishwasher at least two times a day. It's his job because 1-He was always complaining that I didn't "do it right" 2- I refuse to rinse and 3- It helps SOOOO much knowing I don't have to do the dishes...it gives me so much more ambition to cook. Plus he told me once it's "easy, quick, bonus points" Works for us!
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