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Quote: Originally Posted by writteninkursive There isn't NO reason that anyone dies!!! The symptoms of SIDS are so similar to the symptoms of vaccine reactions, it's uncanny. that just makes me so sick to my stomach...so sad, like our hands are tied, mouths are gagged...
does anyone know of anyone that KNOWS how to transplant trees? It's a small Japanese Maple and I need to move it from the back to the front yard. Please PM me with an estimate. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by jecombs I have to say, I didn't care for LLL's BFing book. I really prefer So That's What They're For!. It's funny and informative. I've also found that pre-fold diapers make great spit-up clothes. And once the baby outgrows that stage, they're wonderful dust rags! I like things that can have a 2nd life. I hear ya! I reuse my wet/dry diaper pail bags to collect clothes for dry cleaning and the boppy is a little...
Hello all My sister is expecting and asked if I could help her compile a list of things that she should register for based on what I used and liked. My youngest baby is now 4yo, so its been a while since I've looked at baby stuff . Here is my list so far. If anyone has any other idea of things she could register for - she's an eco conscious/naturally minded mama too - I'd greatly appreciate it! I'm going to share this link with her. Thanks! My Breast Friend nursing...
I have yet to start my garden - zone 7 - and I don't forsee being able to do so for a few weeks now (financial/time reasons)... how late is too late to start? Also, I have two cauliflower plants given to me by a friend that are not happy, but I have no where to put them right now. Should I just give them away? Or keep watering them? thanks!
I just heard that AA Co was/is giving out free compost bins? I don't want to get too excited, but if this is true and you know where to go to get them, please do tell! thanks!
hmm, lemon grass. I'll have to try that one. Distilled water? where can you find that?
I think this is the right forum to post this question in... Last year the mosquitoes were horrible. I'm thinking this year is going to be the same. I tried everything, but now I can't remember what I used that worked! Does anyone have any suggestions on what to use for bug spray? Something I can make myself or purchase that really works? I vaguely remember something with EO's, but I can't remember which. Thanks!!
question: is there anything that I can put into our diets that will help our skin handle the sun? like more of a certain vit? or adding certain oils to our meals? thanks!
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