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I am a runner who hasn't ran since November, so I think I'm in shape, but not where I usually am. I've done Yoga before and liked it, but I am NOT flexible at all and so I thought hot yoga would help with that.
I'm looking to try out hot yoga. does anyone in our area do it? have you tried it? was it worth it? thanks!
let me just say, OMG... Paige, Welcome! don't worry about 'having to rewrite' your first draft. You will rewrite it again and again and again. Just go for it. If you have a hand written 1st draft, make your second draft from that, making revisions as you type it in. If you remove major parts, add others, that's all part of the editing process get into a groove and keep going. Have you written a previous novel? What about?
I'm starting my family child care business soon, finalizing some of my paperwork - we have to be licensed to do child care in this state. I was wondering if anyone here does it with a 'natural' slant. I have to develop a policy handbook and daily schedule of activities, and I am looking for some ideas from ladies who already have done this for years that know what works. Plus, how do you advertise your business with a budget? I've got some flyers to put around the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Harmony08 This was very nice to hear. Thank you for sharing. My son is 16 months and going strong. awesome!
so what you're all saying is that it takes about 2 weeks to 'stop' stinking/sweating from your previous use of commercial products? This is the reason I never kept up with anything, because it didn't seem to work at all, but I never gave anything 2 weeks straight. Just 2-3 days and figured it wasn't 'strong enough' for me
Quote: Originally Posted by PreggieUBA2C Oh, and neither of us stinks. I've been told by lots of people that my skin smells sweet though, and not in any intimate settings (except with dp ), just while working next to them and they notice. Then I get to plug plain water washing and citric acid spritz. so you just 'wash' with water and spritz citric acid w/water under your arms and you smell sweet?...hmmm...where do you find this citric acid at?...
hormones and diet are usually the ones to blame for skin problems. I know mine is all hormonal and thus proactive didn't work for me. It DID, however, bleach out my towels, so be careful of that! Only use white towels when drying off your skin, as no matter how careful you are to rinse off, there is residual and it'll make bleach spots on your favorite best towels I do know how you feel though, I've never had perfect skin since turning 15...hope you find something that...
lavender, can use it for everything!
Quote: Originally Posted by Barbee I always moisturize with coconut oil when i get out of the shower which includes my arm pits. After I'm dry, I sprinkle some baking soda in my arm pits. I've never had a problem with staining. I love this easy method! how do you 'sprinkle' baking soda? doesn't it get all over the place? totally naive here
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