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OH! Essential oils. Just something I was thinking about. I don't know why the popular crowd gets bad They just do? It is weird. My friend from the Bible study asked me why the one lady was "sitting there so mad?"
It went very well! More then 30 people come. Some of my bible study friends come. AND the popular crowd was mad as normal. Funny how that works out.LOL My friend might have gotten some new customers. (nice for her) I am thinking of selling them myself? (maybe?)   The weather is so nice! The Lord is so good!
Chunk- Praise the Lord it went very well!!!
Happy Friday     Crazy Love:Overwhelmed by a Relentless God is about really living faith out. Serving a true God. Very good and true book.
OH! I forgot a found a Bible study that is "doing" Crazy Love by Francis Chan I really like the book...
Vision- it is not better. I'm looking forward to getting the glasses...
I did not think of that
I wanted to "talk" out my devotion.   I'm going to look at Mary. Each time he is at the feet of Jesus LUKE 10:38-42 John -- Chapter 11 & 12:1-4   Mary is at Jesus feet to learn, worship and prayer. She is touching the feet of the Master and Rabbi. We worship the Lord for who He is and what He has done.
What does it mean to be at Jesus Feet? Something I am thinking about.
So sorry for your loss
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