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My #3 was just like that. SHOT OUT crazy
No movie. This weekend turned out to be a little crazy. I had a plan but it failed. LOL   I'm OK. I am really praying about the Friday. My friend just so happy. I'm hoping that I speak clearly and the Lord is lifted up.   I'm also looking into a way to make some money. Not sure how that will workout. I babysit and a few other things, but I need some real money. So I am looking into a few things. But right now I'm a little limited. It is in the Lord's hands. (I did come...
Last day of March? WOW   Happy Monday
http://paulwilkinson.wordpress.com/2014/03/29/determining-your-readiness-to-serve-and-follow-jesus/   This book look like something to read...
VENT AHEAD---   I had a long talk with a old friend. She was a believer for many years. She walked away after somethings happened with a church. It makes me very sad. It's the people that messed up. Why do people act crazy?
Hey! I did hear a good review of God's Not dead. I forgot about that one...
I didn't think it was going to be close to the Bible. Hollywood. I might go just to see it....it is going to rain all weekend.
So how are you gals doing?   I have been measuring all my food. I went out to eat for my mother's b-day. I did not have cake only because was not sure of the serving size. LOL So doing well.   I will get back on the scale on Tuesday. I started at 140. Need to get to 130.
Has anyone seen Son of God (movie) or Noah? A woman from my Bible study wants to go...is it worth the money??   Weekend plans?
Happy Friday TGIF
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