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Can't plant carrots and expect watermelons. That is a good lesson. For all different reasons.   This week is a weird week. It is never ending. Today is my mother's B-day. I forgot to get her a card....I need to do that right now!   Hope everyone is doing well.
I will join. I just jumped on the scale and I need to lose about 10 pounds When did that happen? No matter. I need to start RIGHT now.   So I'm going to start measuring everything. Everything!
Chunk- I like the Father's House. Blessings on your house of worship
Without getting into details...we don't have much in the way of time. Things hit the fan...so that is how I found out in the 1st place. He needs to listen.
We read a chapter of the Gospels each night. I just read that let them ask questions. Some nights we miss. Then the next night we will pick back up where we left off. Thanks for the prays. I am thankful for them. Really!
Amazing!!! The Lord fixed my computer. Really I just said let me see if I can get it to work (before I $$$ to get it fix) and it is working...Praise the Lord. Really! By the way did MDC change something? This looks different????   OK! Now I'm going to read the post that I missed...
something is wrong with my computer. I'm @ my parent's...just want to tell you I'm OK. Need to get my computer fix?
Pizza- All I wanted was pizza with #1 Then all other pegs NOTHING?? It is funny how the whole thing works.   DH- Oh yes! He is right all the time! LOL The sad part is that if he would just listen things could be cleared up fast...Now, I just don't know. I will fast and pray. Thanks   Plans for the week? I am looking into something to make some extra money. I will see how this works out. Also I NEED to sit down and write out the devotion. Not sure why I have not done...
How is everyone???? Chunk- How are you feeling? Sleep?
So happy for a new week. Last night I had a long talk with my DH. It did not go very well. NOT sure why he will not listen. So I need a plan.
New Posts  All Forums: