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I have seen so many wrong things in my 36 years in the church.   I have even thought about starting my own church. I did alot of research and even went to a conference. (It was very strange and I left.) Anyway, I know a few men/women that would make great elders. Making for a great start. But then I just let it go. Not sure if it might not burn inside of my again. I believe that the gathering together of believers is the church. NOT all the stuff that we as people have...
That is just not right. The whole letter thing is just out of line! So sad.   Blessings
church splits are never easy. Leaving people that you have put love and care into. The Joy and sadness that was shared. A small church makes harder. (any church is not easy) Was it a disagreement between your husband and the other pastor? (you do not have answer that!!!) It must be hard on the kids. I'm praying that the Lord will give you strength, wisdom and care in this time. If want to "talk" I have an ear for you.
Sorry, he writes about the house church and the history of the early church. I was showing you the link because it is the books that I read. I'm sure that you can find other book, web sites and stuff. Sorry I should of said that.
http://www.reimaginingchurch.org/   Here something to look at. If I were to start a church it would be like this. I don't see things the way most people see them...so take it or leave it.
or is house church?
Wow! Keep us posted. In the 80's their was a music group called the "second chapter of Acts" I don't even remember what they sounded like. LOL   I did go to one church just like yours. It was just brand new and so exciting. I will pray the Lord's blessing on your DH and you. It is a big big thing leading a church!   Have you looked into the House church movement? That might be just what you are going for...   my 2 year old is all over me..sorry for mistakes
just came in my e-mail very good http://paulwilkinson.wordpress.com/2014/03/22/servants-and-leaders/
So happy to see you!!! Please tell us about the new church sunny & warm today need a good weekend
Happy Friday
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