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WOW! what a hard time. May the Lord keep your family. I pray in Jesus Name. Amen   I went to the prayer meeting. Only a few showed. I don't like Halloween BUT will always pray for people to come to the Lord. It is so sad.   Also sad is that little girl from NJ. We need to pray for children everywhere!!!! They are just under attack.
mom2tig99Nroo03- nice to see you. I'm glad that your here. I am praying as I read.   Going to a prayer meeting tonight. The church is doing a halloween outreach. So I'm going out. 
Praise the LORD!!! Great News about $$ I can't believe it. It is so wonderful. What a gift. God is so so GOOD!!!
I'm having a good day. Good news.
For B-DAYS I always give a card/gift. NOT Anniversary. For a special year maybe. My parent's 40th is coming up in a few weeks. If I forget that I dead. Other then that NO cards/gifts for Anniversary.   I have to tell you that I remember dates...that is just me. So I might say happy X if I see the person.
The new MDC has got me I think I'm missing something.   The beach and Jesus. Who could ask for more. I so miss the 90's my good friend and I would go outside and just worship together, We would ROCK AND PRAISE. It was so fun and great. I wish that we could do that again.   Let us know about what happens w/student teaching placement.   Sunday School tomorrow we will see if the pastor shows up in class.
John16- I will pray. I will pray that your student teaching go smooth. When does it start?
MrsK- Did you have the baby?? Are you around?   Have a great weekend
Do you have time to play with him?? Maybe play cars or a favorite toy? Also getting outside can help. We walk everyday.    Does he have one show he likes the most? Maybe make that a go to show for one part of the day??? like before/after eating lunch?
New Posts  All Forums: