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Funny as it is to say it, I'm glad you guys know how I feel. Lately even my HUSBAND has started talking about having another kid. I really want to wait out the rest of this year ad get my body back for a while. After two kids in 19 months and all the stress that comes with it, I have only just now gotten back to the weight I was before baby 1. So. Thankfully I have an IUD, otherwise I would definitely be knocked up by now.
but sometimes I think I am going to totally freak if I don't get pregnent, like I am flouting fate or something. The problem is that my husband's employment isn't stable enough, I want to clear up debt before we have another. Does anyone else really want another baby even though it is so clearly not a rational desire?? I got an IUD and I decided that I would give myself a year off of BFing and being pregnant (it's been four years of either being pregnant, nursing or...
Can anyone tell me about Midwifery in Ireland? Does the country license Midwives and Nurse Midwives separately?The school of Nursing and Midwifery website isn't exactly clear on it and their contact info is pretty limited. I'm finding it hard to find info. I also see that there are some pending laws that will change a lot. Anyone know anything? Thanks
So my DD is almost three years old now. About a month ago I was laying on the couch and she comes over to me with a package of baby wipes. She took five or six of them out and laid them over my stomach (which she had bared). She then laid a wipe over my face like a veil. She told me to sit still and came back with a baby spoon in a dish. She mixed the spoon around, stuck it in my mouth (under the veil) popped me on the head with it and said "There. You're pregnant." I...
I found out with DD and DS what their genders were during the u/s. I felt five minutes of slight disappointment each time. It wasn't tragic, and I laughed while I cried a tiny bit the first time. Either way I just have to let go of the kid I'm not having to make room for the one I am having. I also found out because my MIL loves to shop and it would have traumatized her not to know. With DD an avalanche of the most beautiful little girl clothes fell on us from the moment...
I know I'm pregnant because I lose ten pounds. I feel really sexy and everyone tells me I look great and then it hits me like a thunderbolt from heaven. I'm pregnant. I think this is God's way of giving me a little fun before I settle in to being pregnant again (for the third time, this time). To the OP, you're only five weeks, don't worry too much, you'll get your appetite back. I've heard a theory that you lose your appetite in the beginning because your body is...
I do whatever I want to. The funny thing is that I don't want to drink alcohol, eat fish at all really or drink caffeine. I did have Sushi at least once every time, and the occasional half a -small glass-of wine. I ate a bit more processed food than I would have liked, but nowhere near what people think is "normal".
Hey everyone, thanls for the feedback. She started it again the other night. She usually doesn't answer me when I ask her what she doesn't want to do, but last night she told me "I don't want to, I don't want to.....wear that dress." HAHA!
Do your kids talk in their sleep? My daughter has woken up a few times having a nightmare where she says "I don't want to" repeatedly. She's not in a panic, just worried when she wakes up. It's happened twice, would this concern you? Have your kids ever said weird things in their sleep?
Hey everyone, do you have a fave sewing website or blog with patterns/ideas for Kid clothes or adult clothes? Do you want to share them?? I'm new to the sewing game and am looking for some good resources. I'd like to make a few simple things for Christmas. Thanks! Crystal
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