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I had pretty bad PPD with dd#1. To the point where it took 4 months to get diagnosed and I don't think I fell in love with her until after that. And this baby was perfect. Great sleeper. Fabulous nurser. Even tempered. So why was I depressed? Chemicals and hormones in my body were messed up. I opted to stay on depression meds through pg with#2. I am convinced that is what made me fall in love with her instantly and deal with her "issues" (not a good nurser/still...
Quote: Originally Posted by tsfairy Thanks for the responses. I basically only work 30-ish hours per week, but because I'm home alone with DS it takes 12-14 hours to actually work 8 hours. You have gotten some great advice - and please seek help, but this concerns me. If you're home alone and trying to work, you're not giving your son or yourself the attention they need. Can you find a sitter to come into your home? A nanny while you...
Have you recently started to menstruate again? I know that for me the down days can be quite cyclical. And totally related to the time before my period when my hormones are starting to drop.
I am 5'8" and a 18/20 size and find that slinging my nearly 2 yr old is great in a maya wrap. I have the medium and it's plenty big for us... but she's old enough that I don't need a tail to cover her. Good luck! Jenni
I think it normall takes a couple of weeks to reach full strength, but I'm sure it starts helping sooner. For me, the knowledge that something was wrong and being able to put a name on it and know that I was in the process of "fixing" it helped tremendously.
Quote: Originally posted by Jish I also don't consider myself to be mentally ill, I consider myself to be "chemically challenged." You crack me up!!
Quote: Originally posted by melixxa Sometimes I have crazy thoughts, too, and I did when I was pregnant as well. About leaving, "escaping" - and this is crazy because there is noplace else I'd rather be, because I am truly with the love of my life and I love my new DS like life itself. But sometimes, at the darkest times, it seems like they'd be better off without me. It's not that I think about offing myself or anything, but rather think I should go to some...
I wish I knew if Zoloft was effective in 25 mg quantities. I personally take 100mg daily to have an effect, but I do know that it differs in everyone. Why don't you give it a try and see what happens? (Easy for me to say, right?) I want to ask Jish what dosage she was on before she completely weaned the ssri's. She's taking a break for a bit to get in those afternoon pg naps. Sigh... oh the life of a pg woman!! I'll try to get back to you in a couple of...
Good scientific proof of the chemical imbalance that is depression being restored. Thank you.
As far as my pdoc has told me, Zoloft is safe to take while pg and nursing. I am taking it now and dd is still nursing. I also took Paxil during pg with 2nd dd. Good luck!
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