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Never mind!  Found exactly what I want!    McCall's 6541   Makes me laugh how they can't resist making a even such a simple dress all fussy with the busy prints and appliques and trim. 
I've been searching around more for baby dress ideas.  I've decided I like sort of a 60s mod style, rather than something fussy and frilly.  Since my idea was to make a coordinating sweater that would fit next winter, I'm thinking I want a basic a-line jumper dress, maybe with straps that button with big fat buttons.  Something that can go over a long sleeve onesie, with the sweater layered over when it's really cold.  There are various free tutorials around, but they all...
More dyeing, the blue skein needed darkening up, I thought, to go with the red I already fixed.    Before   After     10/52
Okay, I need suggestions for sewing patterns for a baby girl's dress.  A dear friend has been struggling for 4 years for a baby, and she just found out she's carrying a healthy looking baby girl!  So I want to spoil her.  I was thinking of sewing a dress, and knitting a coordinating cardigan and baby legs.  I scoped out McCall's/Butterick yesterday and was completely underwhelmed.  Most of the patterns in the infants/toddlers section were only for toddlers.  The ones for...
More overdying!  This first one was really subtle, like I'm pretty sure nobody can tell the difference between my amatuer pictures, but the difference in person really is so much better.  The skein is Paton's Classic Wool (my favorite for diaper covers) and the color is Bright Red.  I had dh pick it up for me during a sale, and it was a lot more neon/orange than I was expecting it to be in person.  5 drops of green food coloring toned it way...
Overdyed some sock yarn my mom destashed to me.    Before:    After a whole bottle of blue food coloring:   Much better!  I was hoping the greens would be bluer, but I ran out of blue dye and I'm just too lazy to go through all the soaking and dyeing again :P     7/52
heh.  Over here it's more likely that I interrupt my housework with the knitting.  And the kids are pretty used to waiting for help while I finish my row
Made a new sweater for my 1 yo   The sleeves are cuffed back, and the body has plenty of growing room too, I'm hoping it will still fit next fall.   6/52
I got a spoonflower swatch today as well.  I have been meaning to make some of my own designs forever, and if I could have spent all day today learning how to use Illustrator and making one I would have.  Oh well, I got some pretty cherry blossom fabric.  Maybe I'll design my own later this year :)
Made a quickie crochet hat yesterday/today   5/52
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