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Hooray!  Congrats, Iowa!
The scarf turned out great, Iowa.  Love the idea for the baby hat too.  I made a few baby things out of cream colored wool when I was pregnant with ds1, and then I dyed them boy colors once he came out and I knew he was a he. 
2 more projects done!   First, a soaker made from scraps.  A little weird looking, but it does the job and I really needed it. 3/52   And I made myself a garter belt.  I knitted a pair of cabled stockings a few months ago, but hadn't really worn them yet because they get baggy 'round the knees with nothing to hold them up.  I wore them today with the new garter and it worked great, though I may replace the grips on them (accidentally bought detachable ones, and they...
Yay!  What a precious little FO you made :D
I used two layers of quilt batting for the new ironing board pad.  I was going to just serge them together with the fabric, but they weren't quite wide enough, so I just laid them on top of the board and tightened the cover over it all.    For learning to spin with a drop spindle, I recommend the "Respect the Spindle" video.  There is also a book with the same title (done by the same woman), but it's a lot easier to learn the movements with a video.  You can buy a...
And how are those sweet little new babies, lilacvioletiris?
McCall's has one.  It's not very good though.  It is the pattern I started with, like 5 mei tais ago.  The main change I made was to make the shoulder straps really wide, and pleated into the body, so that they would spread the weight out better.  Then I cut off the bottom of the body, and replaced it with one really long waist strap, and put bum darts in above the strap.  They are pretty simple to make, I'm thinking there must be a few tutorials on blogs somewhere.
Good luck to all the mamas with babies coming soon!  And Iowa, holy cow!  $106 for a scarf with flowers?!  Definitely make your own!
Happy New Year everyone!  I only just got all the pictures of my last projects from the random hard drive they got stuck on while we were traveling.  I posted them in the last thread, if you wanna go look.  I made it to 54 projects last year!  My goal was 52.  I think I'll stick with that goal this year, it was just reachable, and if I devote any more time to projects my housekeeping will fall from barely acceptable to hoarders level.  I've gotten two quick projects done...
Now that I'm back from gallivanting around with family for the holidays and I have all the pictures that were being held hostage on a different hard drive, I can post my last projects of 2013!    There were lots of Christmas presents!    I made this felted cloche for my sister.  46/52     I thought it turned out so cute, I made a matching one for her daughter.  47/52     Pair of socks for my little guy, should have made them just a bit bigger, they are...
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