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McCall's has one.  It's not very good though.  It is the pattern I started with, like 5 mei tais ago.  The main change I made was to make the shoulder straps really wide, and pleated into the body, so that they would spread the weight out better.  Then I cut off the bottom of the body, and replaced it with one really long waist strap, and put bum darts in above the strap.  They are pretty simple to make, I'm thinking there must be a few tutorials on blogs somewhere.
Good luck to all the mamas with babies coming soon!  And Iowa, holy cow!  $106 for a scarf with flowers?!  Definitely make your own!
Happy New Year everyone!  I only just got all the pictures of my last projects from the random hard drive they got stuck on while we were traveling.  I posted them in the last thread, if you wanna go look.  I made it to 54 projects last year!  My goal was 52.  I think I'll stick with that goal this year, it was just reachable, and if I devote any more time to projects my housekeeping will fall from barely acceptable to hoarders level.  I've gotten two quick projects done...
Now that I'm back from gallivanting around with family for the holidays and I have all the pictures that were being held hostage on a different hard drive, I can post my last projects of 2013!    There were lots of Christmas presents!    I made this felted cloche for my sister.  46/52     I thought it turned out so cute, I made a matching one for her daughter.  47/52     Pair of socks for my little guy, should have made them just a bit bigger, they are...
ummm, I think so?  I've done soakers from a few different patterns, but it's been a few years.
Are you using a circular needle now?  You can switch to straights if you want, but you can also just knit back and forth on your circ.  Just swap the needle ends to the opposite hands and start purling where the pattern says.  The other half of the stitches that you won't be working on can just hang out on the cable of the circ, or if that's confusing you can move them to a stitch holder or scrap of yarn. 
yeah, I mostly gave up on sucking the snot out, and just give my babe saline drops up the nose and then wait for him to sneeze the gunk out.  He hates the saline too, but at least it's over quicker.
Came across these baby/parent dance shoes and immediately thought of this thread.  I guess they are kind of cute, but also, imo, totally ridiculous to own.  Especially because they cost 95 euros.       
Woo deadline sewing!  I love seersucker, can't wait to see how the dress turns out, Smokering.   The writing is a vinyl decal, it was super easy to do and looks perfect.  The whole project was from a Christmas crafting activity at church.  There were 4 or 5 projects to pick from with supplies all ready. 
Finished up a quick little project today, and it will be a good motivational tool for the coming weeks!   45/52
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