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yeah, I made a bib with iron on vinyl once, I didn't really care for it.  I don't remember having too much trouble ironing it on, but the end result wasn't very flexible.  Fine for a bib, but I think it would get all crinkly looking really fast on a coat,  the bib did.   And I had to handwash the thing, it wouldn't survive the washer.  Plus, I don't think the iron-on comes wide enough to cover a piece like you'd need for the coat back.   I read about making raincoats...
Oh man.  My dh grew up with a seamstress mother, I'm glad she instilled in him better sense about the sewing shears!  Have you had them sharpened since the incident?  This is us this year.  Not sure what I'm going to do for my MIL, but she's a big crafter so she appreciates the handmade stuff.  My sister just pinned a cute 20s style cloche on pinterest, so I'm thinking of knitting and felting cloches for my sisters and mom.  I need to do some tests with the yarn though,...
Close call on the sewing shears!  That would freak me out too.  And holy moly, your dh wanted to use them to cut the electric fence?!    That rainbow pinafore is adorable, Zebra.
Looks like you've been busy Momsteader!  Do you have a pattern for those training pants?  I'm hoping ds2 will be ready for them in 6 or 7 months... (I have some of that same sleepy bear print btw, so cute!)
Hooray for no more bed rest! Popcorn? I have chickpeas all ready to roast :)
Good thought on the roasted chickpeas, I think I pinned a tutorial for them once, but never made them.  I do need to pick up some jerky next time I go shopping.  What is biltong?  Boiled eggs and nuts are regulars around here.  And I have some delicious dried coconut right now.  I have to take it easy on the dried fruit though, it's kinda pricy, and I'll eat it all in one sitting if I don't watch it.    I say go for it on the maternity shirts.  You can tell fate and the...
So, sounds like the bed rest is over, Iowa?    What do you make for snack food?  I am in the phase of nursing where I have trouble keeping up with the calorie demand of making the milk.  I feel like I'm raiding the kitchen 10 times a day for snacks in between meals, and I'm still a few pounds below my normal weight.  I could use some fresh snack ideas.
I made the silver jumpsuit for ds1's robot costume.  Dh made all the cool lighted panels/armor stuff.  His costume was a hit!   42/52
Wow!  That's going to be quite a trip!  I've only been once, I was about 8.
Which Disneyland are you going to? 
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