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I used the Picky Pants Pattern from Little Turtle Knits.  I highly recommend it.  It's very well written, has tons of options, and is formatted in such a way that makes it easy to knit the different sizes, without having to go to town with a highlighter all over the pages.
Haven't made diaper covers in a while, but knitted longies were the best for jammie bottoms and over training pants. I made these for ds1 a couple years ago. They held up great, even with lots of use, ds2 should be fitting into them in a few months.
Love the pumpkin set!  Reminds me of when my little guy was born last Oct.    I'm knitting myself a pair of thigh-high stockings.  And yup, I'm kind of crazy .  I have one finished!  
Lovely waistcoat!  And I adore your cap, that little button detail on it is just perfect!   The newsboy cap pattern is from McCalls 6575.
Oh no!  Hope you and the little one stay healthy and sane, Iowa :(
I made my little guy a newsboy cap :D  It might have been better one size smaller but he'll grow, right?  I lined it with felted wool to make it warm.  The pattern is from McCalls, and it was easy enough, but the instructions were not very efficient.  I'll be improving on them if I ever make this again, I think it would make a great boy baby gift.   41/52
My trusty little sedan just kicked the bucket so it's time to go car shopping.  We have 2 kids right now, but are planning to try and get pregnant for a 3rd in about a year.  Our budget is pretty small, we've been looking at vehicles that are about 10 years old.   We tested a couple minivans this morning, and discovered that I am too short to comfortably drive one that does not have a height adjustment for the drivers seat, which means we might have to shell out more $$...
Quickie pants project.  I found these jeans at a thrift shop a couple weeks ago.  The fit through the butt was great (and a rare find for me) but the legs were flared and way too short.  So I took them in below the knee, and cropped them even more to make a pair of cigarette pants.  They should work great under winter boots too!     photobomb credit to my 4 yo, lol.   40/52
I could topstitch inside out if I wanted.  Though, it would be really hard to make sure I'm stitching in the right spot :P   It sounds like your needle thread is too loose, smokering.  Or perhaps your bobbin thread is too tight.  Either issue could cause the needle thread to show on the bottom of your fabric.    You are right, with properly balanced tension, the thread cross would be centered in the fabric.  Needle thread tension is usually controlled by a numbered...
It seems my old faithful car of the last 10 years is finally on it's way out.  :(  It's still drivable for short errands around town, so we have some time to shop around, but we do need to replace it.  The question is, with what?  We have 2 kids.  We are a 1 car family (dh works from home).  The car is used for various errands in our small town, monthly shopping trips to the city (160 miles round trip), and visits to my family 200 miles away.  We are definitely planning a...
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