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Wow what timing! congratulations on your beautiful baby! :
Come out and say hi baby!
Hoping to see some independent babies today!
Woohoo! Come on baby!
I do have a copy of the lease, and the limit is 2 nights So unless I start labor the moment she gets here, give birth super quick, and have no recovery/nursing problems she's going to be down her for longer than that. She's coming, regardless of whether we can get permission to have her stay here or not. I'd just hate to have to have her impose on other friends and family. And dang it, I want my pre/post natal support at my house! Thanks all for the water info.
Welcome home baby!
Welcome Sally! That must be some awesome milk you're making mama, 1/2 lb up already!
Unfortunately, there is a limit to the amount of time we can have a guest in the lease, so yeah, he can tell us no. I totally do not remember it being there when we signed the lease a couple of years ago, but I was a bit distracted by the fact that while I had sat down at the table so we could all go over the lease, he stood with his back to me the entire time and talked straight to my husband :
Welcome Prudence! I bet you gave that nurse quite a shock
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