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We have gone to the Twilight and other Harry Potter movies at midnight with my 8 year old.  We were going to do this one, too, but we have all been sick and really need to sleep more than we needed to be the first to see it.  We won't miss the next/last one!   Since we couldn't make it at midnight, we're all going to see it at the brand-new Fork and Screen tonight.  Seems like a good compromise, and everyone is excited!
We go to the movies pretty close to once a week, sometimes more and of course, sometimes a little less. On Friday, we saw Megamind and on Saturday, we saw Due Date. We all liked both of them, but Megamind was a bit better (or my expectations a lot lower, whereas I was expecting Due Date to be uproariously funny)! We'll probably go see Morning Glory next weekend -- I'm guessing it won't be out long and I don't want to miss it.
It was very blah, IMO. I don't like Robert Pattinson at all, but I LOVE Emilie deRavin, so I was kind of disappointed. It was worth $1 from Redbox, but not something I think I'll ever watch again.
I am pretty sure I will be getting my daughter one for her 8th birthday. She really wants one, and I would like her to have the ability to call or text when she isn't with me. She wouldn't bring it to school . . . I trust the nurse there to call me/send her home if she ever says she's not feeling well (in two years of school, she has never gone to the nurse for more than a bandaid, so she would be taken seriously if she said she felt sick), and her school is a really...
If she's really stressing about it, it might make her feel better if you just buy her the shirt and be done with it. Unless I thought that paying for the shirt was a serious financial hardship for her (in which case I'd probably spend my own money on it), that seems harmless enough.
Three was bad, and he had a few a day surrounding transitions. At four (he turned 4 in February) . . . I really can't think of the last time he had anything I would consider a tantrum. He is pretty much down to asking for what he wants, begging for what he wants, and then saying, "Oh, ohhhhhh-kay," when I don't give in. The other day, I wanted him to swim to me in the pool, and he was arguing about it. I said, "Ronin, just say 'okay' and swim." He said, "Okay,"...
Mine wake up before me. They usually have a snack and watch a little tv . . . sometimes they start playing together or my older one goes on facebook/farmville. Every once in awhile (like this morning) she stays in her room and organizes things I think between 2-3, Rylie figured out that if she got up and just went into the living room on her own, she might find snacks left over from the previous night . . . so she stopped waking us and I would usually hear her and...
My 7 year old can do all those except the watch (she doesn't wear one). I don't let her light the stove, because we have propane and I'm scared of it, but I would let her use an electric stove and at nine, she will be lighting our gas stove, too.
We leave our bathroom door open all the time, too, unless we have company. I don't remember my mom shutting the bathroom door when I was growing up, either. She still doesn't.
Quote: Originally Posted by Arduinna Your salaried, as long as you meet the job description of what you were hired to do it doesn't matter if it's 3 days or 4 days. I agree with this for a salaried employee. I get paid hourly (also working from home) and would ask my employer what he wanted me to do in a situation like that. As long as you are around and available to work, though, I think it's fair for you to get compensated for your time.
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