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Sure it makes sense! And to tell you the truth, it gets worse the more children you have because you just dread the pain, you dread them going through this and that...to me, seeing them hurt in the heart is the worse.... Hugs to both of you!
Actually I think it's best that they recognize the letters out of order..really think about it..what difference does it make when learning to read... A lot of curriculums teach all the sounds except the vowels, which they introduce at the end... As for the LeapFrog DVD's... Here's a outline of their products. We have like three of the phonic DVDs and one math. HTH!
Not to throw a mix into things, but have you looked at the DK Animal Encyclopedia? We are using it now.
Might I suggest the LeapFrog DVD's for your 5yo. My son learned all his sounds from them. I understand your confusion..I first started off just teaching him the sounds, we never mentioned the letter *name* (Reading Reflex), but honestly, I found it hard NOT to mention the name, etc. Eventually, they will learn the names. So, we went to the DVDs, and during lessons time, no, I don't say the letter name at all. If I refer to the letter, I point and say "that". I...
Could your youngest be going through a growth spurt? You may just need to pump more.. As for the moon, yes, if affects the ocean, which is water....what is OUR bodies mostly made of..water..of course it can affect us. You should be in the Emergency Room at the hospital on a full moon. My youngest wakes up more..I wake up more..may be take them outside to see the moon..it always calms my youngest.
I hate to say it, but CPS will probably do absolutely nothing. I have a friend who use to work for them. Anyway, I can't help be think about growth spurts. A child goes through a growth spurt and needs nurishment. Is this couple even feeding this child enough before bedtime (oh, and I bet bedtime is a certain time each night)...my brother and SIL went through this whole thing about baby should sleep in crib..they got some crazy idea about a vacuum cleaner running...
I had this with my last son. Bottom line...I think it's just painful let down. My let down's hurt so bad that I wanted to stop for the first 8 months...shooting pains, etc. As long as you are not clogging or feeling any lumps, that what I would think it is. Good luck to you! BTW, mine did get better, hope you do.
This may go against what you might want to do...but I have used orajel before nursing. Seemed to help us!
Hi sofysmom...I do hope that you are feeling better today. I don't know how, but I stumbled across this Board, saw your post, I'm a newbie here and don't even know if I'll be around much, but I felt the need to register and post to you. I suffered from PPD all five pregnancies. My worst time being my last child. (I only have three children, but suffered two losts)...anyway, I would like to tell you my experience what I learned and how I dealt with it. I did take...
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