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About tithing....give what you can mamas! God knows your heart and knows that you are going your best. God bless!
Definition: Tithe From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A tithe (from Old English teogoþa "tenth") is a one-tenth part of something, paid as a (usually) voluntary contribution or as a tax or levy, usually to support a Jewish or Christian religious organization.
Also, don't know if you know this, (probably do, so sorry) but make sure that you are nursing him on one side only, at each feeding, making sure that he's getting that good, fatty, hind milk. Good luck!
CherryBomb - praying for you!
My letdowns hurt like heck...I thought it was normal. But, yeah, stinging would be a way to describe it. Fair warning...it gets worse the more kiddos that you have. My first, very little pain during let downs, but when number two and number three came along...I thought I was dying! Hang in there!
Praying for this family and strength for you to be there for them. Very sad. I am so sorry.
Bless your heart, ...you are right to have these fears of this person. Maybe once he is finally put away, you can let this fear go... Are you wanting to let go of your fear for him now? Or Are you wanting to let go of your hatred for him? This man is pure evil. God will handle him. Dana
Quote: Originally Posted by GooeyRN How did it go? It went very, very, well...thanks for asking.
I could use some prayers. I will, more than likely, be making my First Confession tonight. God bless all you mamas!
I've not used the bar soap at all. Does it hurt the kids' eyes? Or can it, rather?
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