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Half a million in the bank this time next year. That's my order!
My DH is a secret success story and has been for years. He wanted X amount of dollars for retirement, financial advisor said it's already there and he's not even 40 years old yet. He wanted to start a business. He did. He wanted his business to *look* and *be* like this and that....Etc, Etc, Etc. This man that I married is so visionary that it use to get on my nerves. But now, I realize, he's just working THE SECRET.....and I'm blessed to have been on board...
Wow! Keep going...don't be freaked out!
As the owner of two businesses....this is the main reason I am homeschooling. I want my children to be very involved in our business as well as become very business minded, so they are confident in persuing their own interests one day.
Right now, all worksheets are removed, dated and hole punched, put in a three ring binder. (This is for Daddy to review) Next year, I will have to log in days to submit to our cover school. I'll probably just get a good lesson plan book and log everything in it as well as keeping all *paperwork* that he completes. We do a traditional approach to learning. So, we have plenty of physcial paperwork to keep. Interested to hear what others do!
The first three months of OM 1 is just reviewing letters and sounds. Along with reading fairy tales with the letters. However, if his motor skills aren't the best, just yet, OM 1 is alot of drawing...I mean, a lot, and my DS got frustrated. HTH! If you weren't in Ireland, I would offer to sell you my complete OM 1. It wasn't for us (or rather this child) right now. Edit: If anyone is interested in my complete OM 1, pm me. I want to sell everything in the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sisyphus THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Whoever posted the info about "the Mood Cure" (I can't find it... I suck, I know!) you are my hero! I bought "The Diet Cure" (the second book, includes all of the Mood Cure stuff plus more!) this week and INHALED it! This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for... the missing link... the unexplained stuff!!! THANK YOU! I think I'm going to start a thread in health and healing...
Can anyone suggest a good CD? I start to mediate and my mind wonders TOO much! kwim? Something that would help to stay focused. Clearing my mind, has become a difficult task. Thanks for starting this thread ccasanova!
I'm grateful for A LOT! But today, especially, I'm grateful that my 2.5 yo ds, decided on his own, to put on big boy undies and try out the potty. I see a light at the end of the tunnel!
Quote: Originally Posted by alisonsvw i called my aunt who said i did the right thing. I think i will not be having an abortion. I went a little too far on that one. im just completly overwhelmed right now and dont know what to do next. I shouldent have to leave and go anyplace, this is MY apartment. not his. hes not even on the lease. I just feel like im back at square 1 like i was 6 years ago when i left my DS bio father ...I just want to sleep. i...
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