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I had a very short labour (less than 2 hours). Pushed for a few minutes if that (not clockwatching) and the placenta came in about 40 minutes (baby was not interested in feeding and I didn't move around). I got out soon after and then hubby cut cord. He took baby so I could shower. Then I went to bed to rest! I didn't tear but rested with legs together for the first week. Hubby cleaned the pool the next day.
I was in the pool just relaxed sitting (legs out). He just came straight into my arms. It felt very natural. He came out in one go so lifted him up onto my chest.
We waited til the placenta came (40min pp) and it was cold.
I wanted to UC because I didn't want to tear. Because I am a shy yet strong person. I feel birth is as personal as conception for me. (Just hubby and I) I am stubborn and hated being treated like I did in hosp with my first 3. Because birth is normal natural and as safe as life gets. I don't need anyone to tell me how to give birth. Because I wanted to experience birth relaxed and without onlookers. Because I don't trust the medical profession. Because my baby is precious...
My Mum turned around. She wanted me to see a dr but I tried talking her about things and she finally saw my view.
Yeah I wanted to avoid thequestions etc. We (hubby and I) had a few ppl telling us to see a dr esp as I neared 43w. It was frustrating. I am more confident after UC but not willing to debate it.
I wanted to have my 3rd áccidently'at home but I wasn't prepared. So when I became preg I told hubby how I wanted to plan a uc. He was angry and didn't want even a hb. I didn't argue. I would tell him about things i had read and he at first said I don't want to hear it . Slowly he changed his mind (he kew how important it was to me and that I had the confidence)and started watching videos. "Business of being born" seemed to help a lot and he could relate to that. He even...
I do refer to Eve who had unattended births obviously. I also believe God is more powerful than any dr.
42 weeks tomorrow. Not really over it but eager all the same to meet our baby.
Yes on Tuesday. 2minutes apart for 3 hours then sudenly stopped. Very frustrating!
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