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I can't read all of the replies, but I had a similar experience. I started wearing DS in a wrap for most nursing sessions to avoid DD's constant requests. Now DD (3.5 years) is down to 3-4 nursing sessions per day. DS is 6 months. Good luck!
Hold Onto Your Kids http://www.amazon.com/Hold-Your-Kids...9929389&sr=8-1 Amazing book. It is required reading to become an Attachment Parenting International leader, even though there are tons of great discipline books and they give choices for most of the reading requirements. I haven't read the How To Talk for teens book, but the others are so good that I would think the teen one would be great, too! I would definitely read both.
Quote: Originally Posted by themammy Now we do the crazy dance. If he has these negative feelings rising up within him and he needs to get them out of him in some way, we just go mad dancing like lunatics. It's great because it always breaks the mood and brings humour to the situation. We do it together - so he has my full attention. And he can wriggle all that negative stuff out of himself. . Wonderful idea!!!! I'm going to use this...
I'm in Kingsport. Quester, we have been chatting on the TriCityMom forum . Shannon, I think you might be on the SOFH email list??? I know at least three other MDC mamas in the area, but I don't think people check the tribal areas often.
I second gauze (muslin). I just "made" one for $7 and it feels about as cool as one can feel with a baby on one's chest .
I do think he has digestive issues (starting allergy elimination diet), but he *always* grunts. He grunts and fusses through every feeding (I have oversupply) and grunts in his sleep. He grunts in his sleep. We have tried swaddling him. I think it helps a bit. I'm hoping that eliminating an allergen might help . . . .
I am wondering if anyone has tips on getting a newborn to sleep through the night (STTN). To be clear, my definition of STTN is waking only to nurse. I don't even mind if it is waking hourly to nurse, as long as he goes back to sleep. My little guy sleeps solidly during the day but is bright eyed between about 2:30 am and 6 am, and then DD (age 3) wakes. He will stay in bed with me, but he is kicking around and grunting the whole time, nursing sporadically as I keep hoping...
I used rails when it was me, DH, and DD in a full-sized bed. If I was with her, I didn't need the rails because I held onto her all night. Now, we are cosleeping with a newborn and 3 yo DD. We have a king and a full mattress together because DD only STTN if no one touches her (but she wants to sleep in the same bed still). With such a bog bed, I don't worry about rails. DS (newborn) is between me and the wall.
Quote: Originally Posted by branm I think it would be good for our area. It is so hard to find any info or any like minded women for that matter around here. My family and friends think I am crazy when I talk about things like VBACs, natural childbirth, organic foods, extended rearfacing, baby carriers, and breastfeeding. I'm not the most crunchy person either! I just try hard to make the best decisions based on research for my child...what is so wrong...
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