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I remember introducing the potty to my DS periodically, but he wasn't out of diapers until 3.5yo. DD is 20mo and I am starting to think about buying one to at least introduce it but are there signs I should be looking for that she may be interested? I have heard that girls can sometimes be ready earlier than boys and although I am ready to be out of diapers, I don't want to make more effort than I have to!  :)  Thanks!
Username: sparkeze Due date: early April Baby number: 2 Gender: not sure if we'll find out
I remember liking the Boxcar children books, although there seem to be a ton in the series now. Do you have any certain toys in mind?
: WOW! You should send in before/after photos somewhere!
I'd love to see pics too! I love skirts and dresses, particularly when the weather is warmer. And you know what? Skirts and dresses are "IN" for summer so you'll be stylin!
Not that I'm recommending or not recommending this, but at our local YMCA unless you go in the mid-mornings, there are enough staffers that they carry the infants around the whole time. Sometimes when we go (I do not have an infant) there are one or two other kids besides DS and about 4 people working. There is a separate area for infants away from the bigger kids that is in the same room but just gated off with rocking chairs and baby toys. But unless you're really...
That actually doesn't sound like anything excessive to me. Maybe my DS is a big eater too I usually find that he'll eat non-stop all day for a week or two, then some days will go by where he is very uninterested in eating. I always figured it was a growth spurt thing...although the spurts must be pretty frequent!
LCB it sounds like you have some resentment Actually, I have a younger sister who's almost 3 yrs younger and then a brother who's 10 yrs younger than me. We loved helping to take care of him but we had our own lives going on and were not expected to take care of him beyond just helping out here and there so maybe the amount of responsibility put on the older siblings makes a big difference. I feel bad for my brother, in some ways, because he basically grew up like...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jimibell in Waldorf philosophy there is a lot of acknowldement and talk about how 5 is a tough age and this usually coincides with K. I have heard lots of moms talk about this and how they almost pulled their child out of school because of the regular upsets. Would I be able to read something about this in a Waldorf book? Thanks for the info, now I have something that I can do about all this, at least!
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