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Hi!! I'm taking CJ to a new dr tomorrow b/c of probs with our old ped office. I know I'm very last minute in asking this. I'm sorry. :-) I'm very strong in my opinion to not vax CJ (if you vax thats fine I won't judge you or anything, I just don't vax CJ) But when the dr asks me about vaxing and I have to tell him we don't do that I stumble and sound very uneducation on the matter. At least thats the way the old dr made me feel. So can someone please give me some...
IMO this is not CIO. You are doing everything you can to make your LO comfortable and happy. Most babies have a certain time during the day when they cry for no apparent reason. Hugs! It gets better. Kelly
I use and swear by vinegar and rubbing alcohol!! I use the wintergreen alcohol though b/c it smells good. :-) HTH! Kelly
Hi! Does anyone know if there are any patterns out there for nice comfy mama cloths? I want to switch over from disosables once AF is back. Also, are they hard to clean? What about when you're up town? Do you keep something to put them in if you ahve to change when you're out and about? Do they get a smell to them? Thanks!
These all look great. I've been thinking of switching to the Diva or cloth b/c I can't stand disosables.
I've been thinking about trying the Diva once Aunt Flo starts to visit again but I'm worried about the mess. Are they hard to clean? Do you have a couple of them to switch out or what? Thanks!
Hi! Not sure exactly where to post this so I hope its right. I have ants TERRIBLE in my kitchen. I don't have food or anything laying around so I don't what they want. Does anyone know of a natural and effective way to get rid of them. They are so bad that my hubby is at the point he wants to call an exterminator. Seriously I can clean my counters with bleach and they still crawl all over them! : But I'd rather use a natural method. Thanks!! Kelly
Thank you ladies for all your replies!!! As I said before I suffered severe HG with my son and I was never told what it was. My step-dad happened to read it on my chart and went home and researched it which is when everyone realized how serious and real HG is. So I've made it my personal mission to make it more well known. I don't want another woman to go on thinking there is something wrong with her or that its her fault (I thought that) or that she must unconsiously not...
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