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TripMom, I loved your post and it made me tear up like a newborn baby! I love stories like this one! I've found that the best exercise is experienced before 7 AM. It just gets your day going, and it so quiet during this time that it's downright spiritual. Here are my two things this week: 1. For Myself: Went to church on Saturday evening with dh and dss, so that Sunday morning I could sleep in! DH took DSS to sunday school and took care of everything! ...
I'm so happy (and also secretly jealous) for you mamas who have had no ms with your twin pregnancies. I thought I was in that catagory too, until it hit me three weeks ago! Enjoy this time! You are truly blessed to be pregnant and not have to make speedy trips to the white castle every time someone mentions what they ate for supper.
Way to go for keeping up a good attitude! It's mothers like you that give me inspiration to be a good mommy! I'm expecting twins in the spring, I hope I can micro-manage like you can! God bless you and your full house of love!
My latest conclusion is that whatever worked for me today will not work for me tomorrow! I cannot even think about whopper and fries and I was just singing it's praise the other day. Also, things that I would never even THINK of eatting before I was pregnant have become a new liking. I had never even tried an airhead before, and my husband gave me two tonight to suck on and I was in heaven! Who knew laffy taffy would be the next lifesaver! Too bad it doesn't...
Zucchini is a great idea, but honestly I don't know if I can fry it without gagging! I have a hard time frying eggs and meat now. Maybe I could steam and salt the Zucchini for a yummy side dish. I have to admit, I ate a whopper and fries for supper and now I am having a bowl of vegetable soup for a late night snack! BK sure hit the spot! I swear it took away the nauseous feeling for at least an hour.
Thanks for all your suggestions! I am getting sick of the saltines, so I've moved on to salty tortilla chips and trail mix. It takes a creative mind to get through this! Has anyone ever tried cooking with Ginger or Ginger pills?
For all you Mothers of Multiples: What did you do during your first trimester of pregnancy to fight off the "I'm so hungry I could puke" phase? I'm really having a hard time with finding the right foods that agree... and really the only safe thing is fruit which makes the gas so HORRIBLE! (And fruit does not fill me up!) So what did you mamas do?? I've read online that some mothers of multiples never experience morning sickness, but I don't believe it!! ...
Thanks guys for all your posts! It really has given me hope knowing that so many of you have delivered healthy babies, even after having some scares! I saw my OBGYN today and after three different ultrasounds detected TWO babies in my belly!! My husband just about fell off his chair! The only bad news, one of the babies is developing slower and has a slower heart rate than the other baby. This brings up a whole new set of questions for me... but I've decided to have...
Thanks for all your posts! It makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one out here having a scare! I have not had any spotting today, so that is a good sign. I still have morning sickness and other pregnancy symptoms, so we are keeping our fingers crossed. I'm ready to get some answers tomorrow! It's amazing how days can seem like forever in situations like these.
Thanks, guys! I go in Monday morning, so hopefully I will get some answers then. I'm up now in the middle of the night with morning sickness... that has to be a good sign! I'm trying to stay positive!
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