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Searching through scabies threads today, as we were exposed today. Did you get rid of the scabies? What helped? Thanks!
How old was your DC? How long did strike last? Did your DC go back to nursing? If so, what do you think helped? Thanks. We are 4.5 days into a strike, with no sign of returning to the breast anytime soon.
I wanted to add, I'm not pregnant, and not nursing any other children. She's my baby. ;)  
My sweet 20 month old baby has nursed morning, nap, and bedtime for months now. 3 days ago she abruptly refused, and hasn't nursed since. A couple times in the weeks before she refused, she went to latch and spit the nipple out, like it tasted bad.  I had either been to the pool or exercised, and chalked it up to my skin must taste sweaty. I went and showered, and later that day she nursed as usual. She spit the nipple out this last time she nursed, I don't think I had...
Can you get mom's hep B bloodwork? The only VPDs the baby might be at more risk from, due to no breastfeeding, is Hib/Pneumococcal.  Will you have the baby in daycare at all?
For the 2 year old, the risk of Hib/Pneumococcal disease is very low at age 2, not sure I would vax for those at this point.  I would probably do DTaP.   For the 3 year old, I haven't read up on this lately, but there were a few states that if you received the MMR at age 4 or older, you only needed one dose. 
 I was planning to get my 5 yr old's 1st dose of MMR at her well check this week.  She had a tick on her, ebedded in and I had to pull it off with tweezers, just a few days ago.  Should I wait another few weeks or is it ok to go ahead with the MMR? Her brother has PFAPA, which is a periodic fever/inflammatory disorder, not hereditary, but just for FYI.   Thanks.
And for your daughter, I personally wouldn't do titers.  They are likely to be negative, I wouldn't put her through the blood draw. 
For international travel, I'd do MMR and IPV.
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