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thanks frenchie! i didn't see that there was already a topic about this...whoops!
my DD will be a year old on wednesday, and i heard somewhere that babies' eyes usually change color sometime before a year if they're going to change at all- is that true? she still has the same baby blues she was born with. blue eyes sort of run in the family (kinda rare, i can only think of a hand-full). however most of the people in mine and DP's fam have green eyes, including DP and i. anyway...of course it's fine by me if she keeps her pretty blue eyes, i was...
this is the best website EVAR. there's a huge library of tv shows, movies, etc, and pen and teller's BS show happens to be one of them: http://www.tv-links.co.uk/show.do/1/1919 it sucks they had such a juvenile approach to the whole NIP thing, tho. oh! and the circumcision episode is on there, too. no need to thank me.
i voted and commeted. i hope she wins!! i <3 hathor!!
i think most, if not all of the mamas concerned with issues such as these often write/type letters, which definately express anger, but not in a way that would be detrimental to the cause. all of the letters i saw that were shared were very eloquent and well thought out and written. i belive that if people are pissed about such injustices, they do and want to respond as quickly as possible: let the offending corporation (or whatever) know that they were at fault ASAP, as...
i don't understand. what is the point of having laws in the first place if there is no garauntee they will be enforced?
right on! i think i would get so upset if security tried to harass me that i would definately feel the need to call the cops. eta: however, it is pretty sad that sometimes *ahem* the cops themselves don't always seem to know the law. pretty scary.
mom told me i was breastfed for about two weeks (i was born in '85). my sister ('89) wasn't breastfed at all. my brother ('96), however, was breastfed for 14 months. me and my sister suffered with ear aches for a good part of our early childhood. my brother did not. coincidence? my other brothers ('90 and '93) from my step-mom and dad, i believe were both breastfed until my step-mom's maternity leave was up.
mine had the shoulder snaps, which i don't think would necessarily be considered "nursing-friendly" since your whole boob has to hang out. however, i didn't care at the time and most of the people in the room were the medical personnel or relatives that had just watched a baby emerge from my vajayjay. all that mattered to me, in retrospect, was that the nurses were very much nursing-friendly and were more than helpful in getting me started with breastfeeding. i...
i hear ya. i'm also frustrated at the moment.
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