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Quote: Originally Posted by yamilee21 Would it have been okay to show pictures of the baby being bottle-fed? If breastfeeding is ever to be normalized again in this society, we have to stop seeing the breast, and breastfeeding, as sexual. agreed. it's unfortunate that, in our society, a women breastfeeding her child can be viewed as "dirty", or at least, something that should be kept private. i keep wondering when this will stop. keep NIPing,...
Quote: Originally Posted by SummerLover here you go http://www.mothering.com/discussions...splay.php?f=47 oh! thanks, but that's not what i meant. i guess i should've elaborated on my shock but i didn't know what to say! i don't vax either, but i just couldn't believe that there would be a mention of not vaxing in a mainstream movie and that it would be portrayed in a positive light.
Quote: Originally Posted by ralphie76 Like a PP said, the sister's family had a family-bed set up, didn't vaccinate, etc. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...???
i had a bowl of cereal and discovered the hard way that the milk had spoiled. Quote: Some type of fly. When I was younger, I was taking a walk, a fly flew in my mouth and went down my throat. Nasty!!!! Now, I make sure I keep my mouth closed if I'm taking a walk. yick! the same thing happened to me at a family gathering. not cool.
nope, didn't care for it. i've seen previews for the second one, and it involves a group of people who go out on a yacht with a baby. they all end up jumping into the water for fun but then realize that there's no way for them to get back on the boat. the baby is still on board all by itself. : : : ummmmm....my crazy hormonal mommyness (and also...well, my human-ness) prevents me from ever wanting to see that delightful little treat.
1st time mama so bear with me! i feel like this may be a stupid question but i haven't read or heard anything about it: is it normal for a 10 month old to have flat feet? as far as i know, no one on either side of mine or dp's family has flat feet. they're still super-cute!... i'm just wondering.
it's a myth that dogs have cleaner mouths than humans. i saw it on "dr. know". c'mon now, they lick their butts and eat poop! ewwwwwww.... i'm not sure if anyone else feels the same, but ever since having a babe i could really care less about dogs/other animals. obviously i would never want to hurt an animal, nor am i okay with anyone else hurting animals, but i'm just not interested in them as pets and certainly don't want them anywhere near my precious baby. i've...
i don't believe that smilie is meant to be taken literally at all. : LOL, btw, it's the same with that one, too. it's just a way of expressing feelings that can't really be expressed thru words alone.
i vote violent. i hate my mom & sister, i wish them ill. b*itches.:
preferably 2. but if we happen to have more, that's okay. even tho i'm not a huge fan of being preggers, i still think that children are blessings (as corny as that sounds).
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