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i've never understood what was so great about elvis, either. i
representin' the southern US. holla.
Quote: Originally Posted by dnw826 To me, letting your child wear that is akin to child abuse. yup. that is just sick. i would have something not-so-nice to say to her parents. this kinda crap makes me scared for the future.
it's nice to see that so many former sex workers on here have actually had good experiences. i've heard tons of negative things, from former strippers especially, saying that they were in a situation where they felt that it was their only option in order to make good money (but actually ended up only making money off tips and had to give a large percentage of their earnings to the club), felt humiliated, were constantly being mistreated by employers and customers, got...
i wear 'em fairly often. i will admit they don't stay comfy for too long, usually by late afternoon i'm sick of having a piece of fabric riding up my butt crack. i haven't given it too much thought yet (dd is only 10 months old) but i don't think i would like her to wear thongs during her childhood/early teens. but really, whether she's wearing a thong or not, i hope i can teach her to dress appropriately and make sure no one sees what she's wearing underneath her...
one of my most favorite things EVAR!! i remember my parents used to tell me that "angels are bowling".
lol, poor daddies! my DP feels your pain. when we're lounging in bed, our 10-month-old likes to crawl all over us and DP will often get his privates smushed by a little hand or a knee! heck, even my boobs can't go a day without getting smacked, smushed, or punched (which of course, is nothing compared to getting hit in the nuts and/or petey. ouchies. )
it's nice to know i'm not the only one who feels that way! really, even the videos that don't involve violence aren't that funny to me at all. i remember thinking it was absolutely hilarious as a kid, but now...um, nope. and they make those hosts deliver the lamest, corniest attempts at humor i have ever heard in my life! poor bob saget.
i dunno, i've always had the rebellious attitude...who cares who sees it? i'm feeding my kid, so F U! don't look, you UA violation! i feel that the more people see it, (and see that i'm not embarassed or awkward about it) the more normal NIP becomes. i've been out and about every weekend or whatever for the past 10 months, i'm "discreet" enuff that no one has said anything to me at all. the worst thing was a nasty look i got from a lady at the mall (i gave her a big...
i had no idea there was such a thing as breastfeeding advocacy in 1914. of course it's not 100% accurate, things were different back then, but i just think it's so awesome they encouraged breastfeeding in the time that formula ruled. just for a little tidbit of info, my aunts and uncles, except my eldest aunt- who was born in the mid 50s in france and was breastfed for 9 months- were fed evaporated milk. i also can't believe that my grandmothers were given pills to...
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