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you can ask her if she thinks that those rights only apply to females on her blog. just google her name, i think her blog is one of the first things that will pop up. and when you get there, click on "ask ro". i doubt she'll post it, tho. what a UA violation.
that's really disgusting that people would rave about how much they love their son's penises. :Puke are you sure it wasn't some sick fetishist forum? yuck. stay awaaaay from the crazies!!
if this will "cripple the entire operation", it's no one's fault but the lovely staff working at the RMH in houston.
oh my. welcome to MDC, wonderfulww.
what a mess. i finally sent an email, whether or not it matters at this point. my thoughts and prayers go out to the OP and her family having to deal with these UA violations. i'm anxious to know how the meeting went, as well.
can someone please explain why it's so weird to do this? i guess if the couple addressing each other that way doesn't have kids, sure, that's kinda unusual...and FTR, we don't do that in front of our friends unless our 9-month-old is present or something. we do it because we want her to call us "mama" and "daddy"... and also, they are titles we are so proud of that we use them sort of as terms of endearment when our child is involved. we have a bunch of silly nicknames for...
i hate this kind of thing. i really don't see why people need to get involved to that extent anyway...it's like: "ohhhh, okay, do you wanna raise my kids now"? lol, i'll just step aside and let you work your magic... people need to butt out!!! i don't care how close you are to the kid...the parents make the decisions, end of story. everyone else can (as kathy griffin would say) "S**K IT!!!!"
i know, it's a darn shame. i gave birth at a hospital (wanna have a water homebirth next time, but anyway)...surprisingly, the nurses were extremely helpful with the breastfeeding, let me know what to expect, let me know i could call them or a breastfeeding consultant at WIC if i had any trouble. this is at a fairly rural (for lack of a better word) hospital at that. this hospital was very respectful of my descision to breastfeed. now i have a 9 month old and we're still...
i had no idea she was going to nurse. that's great!!
what can be done for the poor children sucked into this mess, is what i would like to know.... whatever, the law protects hate speech, these UA violations can say what they want...but... that kid was hit with a cup. he was what-? 7 years old??? and probably doesn't even know what that whole protest is about, and doesn't know why he got hit in the head with that cup... but heaven forbid, what if it was a rock, or my god, a bullet that hit him instead? i can't stand...
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