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ooh...the ignorance...ow, my head...oh god, it hurts now!!! anyway, *ahem* nanners? it's GENITAL MUTILATION, whether it's preformed on a male or female, it's equally as horrible, honey.
well, when i was preggers for the first time a little more than a year ago, i remember filling out those surveys, stating that i planned on bfing, and then, to this day (my babe is 7 months old, ebfed/trying food right now) i still am recieving formula samples and coupons...ya know, just in case... it's ALL about the money, honey. they could care less about your kid. all the targeting of new mamas combined with the simple task of checking out the formula...
Quote: Originally Posted by tessie I was being deadly serious. Children can, and do, manipulate others from an early age. children are such evil little manipulative creatures aren't they? always wanting to eat, or play, or wanting to be held at the most inconvienient times! umm...you are aware that this is an AP/NFL community, right?? :
i don't know if it's a regional thing, but it seem's like a lot of people around here called their older sisters "sissie" when they were little. it's kinda cute, but i don't know if i would encourage dd's future younger siblings to call her that, i'm ambivalent. i used to call my brother nick "nicky boy", but everyone called him that i think. and for a short while i called my little sister "chicken" when we were both in our teens for some weird reason.
i would not want my kid to grow up thinking sex is something dirty and shameful, however, i would want them to consider it to be a private thing that you share alone with your partner. they should learn about boundaries and respect them. in our culture, it is not the norm to have sex with an audience, anyway. i personally am not comfortable with even having a fully awake infant in the same room with us while we're doin' it. i realize we can't just drop everything and have...
i'm a total weirdo, but i think they're real cute!! i would buy that silly crap! but, are they made of real fruit and veggies??
ceiling cat, that's so funny!! i can't believe someone bought a domain for that! anyways, i reckon the ghosts don't think poorly of you, cuz i'm sure they did the same thing when they were alive. if it were me, i'd hang around for the sole purpose of watching people doing embarassing and gross private things, and i'd be LMAO!! as for spirit guides and angels...yes, they think you're a sick, disgusting, pig.
my step-mom gave me these hideous, leopard-print shoes with red trim that were way too big and seriously looked like clown shoes. :Puke i'm pretty sure she gave them to me because she hated me. i think they were made by rocketdog or something, but good lord, they were ghastly. i never wore them, EVER, and they gathered dust in my closet for 5 years. i have no idea where they are now.
sending lotsa good healing vibes to the little guy.... can you let us know how it goes?
Quote: Originally Posted by rabrog Give it time to settle for your mom. That's got to be a jolt when you've been seeing the "scars" every day for a year, finally get insurance to go to the doc and get bad news. Are they going to do a biopsy on the breast mass? Jenn thanks for the nice vibes, everyone! mom is keeping a pretty good mood about it i guess. or, at least she's hiding it, but i think i'm more worried than she is. : me and...
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