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i can dig it. i also really like the lead singer's sexy mullet!
so am i the only one who thinks he's smokin' hot??
my mom is having a helluva time right now. she had two little marks that looked like scars on her face for about a year now, had a biopsy done, and they turned out to be cancerous. she also had a mammogram and has some growths in her breast, but they think it may just be cysts. i don't know too much about cancer and mom hasn't told me too much because i'm sure it's hard for her to talk about. the marks on her face have been worrying her but she wouldn't go to the doctor...
Quote: Originally Posted by lorijds I have to separate them out, some of them are too naughty for my kids to listen to (this coming from someone who is pretty liberal about that sort of thing, but I draw the line at the 12 days of Christmas that revolve around 12 different ways to have sex--I'm a prude that way). But really, anything off-color? Ooooh, I am so there (White Trash Christmas? South Park Christmas songs, anyone? ). say whaaaaat?
personally, i didn't have a problem with getting DD to latch on. we got started right after i popped her out. she was also pretty alert. i'm not defending epidurals either, i'm just saying that wasn't true for us. and i plan on having a water birth next time around. i ended up being disappointed with my birthing experience. i was so loopy from the meds when the baby was born, that i don't remember it as clearly as i would if i had just stuck it out for 12 more hours....
this is so funny to me, i love brandon dicamillo! this is gnarkill's "mustard man" video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=2lFsVt5ENIs and skeletor vs. beastman: http://youtube.com/watch?v=T-ondkle46A
you look gorgeous mama!! only you, sinead o'connor, demi moore, and natalie portman can pull that look off!
Quote: Originally Posted by witt what's a bucket?: car seat. people don't seem to give weird looks or comment when i carry dd, but when she's in the mei tai, people stare at me like i'm a circus freak. once at the grocery store, she was taking a nap while i was carrying her around in it. and this lady had the nerve to say, "she looks all smushed up in there." and i was like, "well, i don't think she would've fallen asleep if she was...
bah humbug! i hate everything about xmas, especially the music!
my DP works with a guy who's wife is expecting, and the guy wants her to bf, but she's not into it, so he wants me to give her some good info on bfing and try to convince her to do it. she also has to go back to work soon after, but she works for her mom so pumping at work wouldn't really be an issue. but some stuff about that would be nice, too. i also want to sneak some info about circing in there too. i also want to give them a list of good books to read. so i would...
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