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that did irk the hell outta me. write those !!!
i thought it was weird at first too, but i kinda like it now. i think it's cute cuz the human-puppies remind me of my dd a little bit, just cuz she's chunky like that. call me crazy but that's just what i get out of it! i think the details are incredible, too.
wasn't sure where to post this so feel free to move it, of course... i have a friend i went to school with who stops by to visit every couple of weeks, and her dd is a month younger than mine. yesterday she stopped by and let me know that she needs to go back to work, and since daycare is so expensive, she wanted to know if i would watch her babe during the week (not for free of course!). i was really caught off-guard and didn't know what to say, so i just told her i...
we're young parents, we just turned 21. my dp was worthless with my dd, too. he would play with her, but shyed away from changing dipes (which was really all i asked of him every now and then) and would often get impatient if i needed a break and he had to hold her for a few minutes. i had to bitch at him to help me out, and ya know what? it worked. so maybe you and your dd need to give this dude a stern talkin'-to. it may just be that he honestly has no idea what to...
wow, i really enjoyed your post. i went to egypt for two weeks with my aunt when i was 14. we stayed with some friends of hers in cairo. i was too young to really appreciate it tho. altho, i remember hearing the call to prayer and i really miss that most of all.
i'm so sorry for your loss mama. you and louie take care of each other.
i watched part of an episode once, and couldn't get into it. i don't see what all the fuss is about. it reminds me of a "sex in the city" ripoff. i don't get into too many of the popular shows anyways.
man i feel your pain, my socks have been wet twice today! extremely unpleasant...
yeah that's an old episode, i always watch that show, my DP loves it...that dude gabe is such an immature child. (notice how childish his voice sounded too?? i thought he was gonna throw a temper tantrum in his mom's car.) he's supposedly a genius, and had a 156 IQ at a young age but seems to think that his parents are supposed to take care of him forever and be responsible for his actions...wtf??? he's pretty deep in the hole and he's bringing his parents right along...
i know not too many mamas on here watch MTV, but this show is sooooo cute!! i just love it! : anyone else watch it?
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