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So I'm crossing over to training pants then? I'm not sure I can deal wsiththat right now. I don't have a stash of CDs and was thinking of starting there but maybe that would actually make things harder. Does anyone use fitted CDs as trainers here? If so, what kind?
I am gonna do the EC thing slowly as DS is still in sposies. I'm gonna transition him to cloth first but the prefold + waistband combo seems a little iffy to me. Does it unfold when you pull the waistband down? Does the waistband stay attached if it's not a perfect fit? Does the one from EC shop ride up? It looks like a scrunchie, which probably would ride up since DS has a round belly. Anyway, are there some fitted snap CDs that could be easily pulled down?
So no big advantage of fitteds over contours?
I am down to my last pack of sposies and I'm procrastinating! I can't decide whether to plunk down a good chunk of change (as you can see from my name, that's what I'm good at) on a stash of CDs or do the no frills thing for a change and EC or do a little of both. I've bought the Diaper Free book by Ingrid Bauer, but have yet to read throught the whole thing. I spend all day with DS, don't work, but I'm just getting better from PPD so I don't want to take up something...
Are any of the superfoods mentioned in NT not safe to take while nursing? I know CLO is fine. I took that all thru. pregnancy, but I have recently started taking bee pollen capsules and was about to purchase Noni juice at WFM today when I read that one of the brands contained a note that it had black cohosh as one of the ingredients and pregnant and nursing women shouldn't take it.
For those of you who frequently nurse in bed/do the side-lying position, do you think it might affect your baby's latch. I mean, do you think they don't suck as effectively a la Dr. Newman's assymetrical latch. The reason I'm postulating this is b/c b/t months 5 and 6, DS didn't gain any weight at all and I was nursing him lying down all the time during that month.
Hi all! I'm a first time mom to my almost 8 month old ds, Mattan (pronounced Matt-on). DH and I call him Mattie. Joining in cuz I am interested in CDing and AP, and sleep . I live in Phillly suburbs but used to live in NYC and Paris. It's kinda boring here, and ds hates his carseat, so most days we are home!
I had been wondering the same thing about not getting a reply. After all that research on CDing I finally decided to start with these and wouldn't cha know it... So no one else makes trimmed prefolds?
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