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Well, it looks like they are doing the phase out of Bethenny and replacing her with the new housewife...forget her name...something Morgan. I don't blame B. She probably wanted out being surrounded by these looneys. But the new one seems interesting.
RE: last night's episode: OMG, Mila's 3 pc collection was such a snooze fest. Jay showed so much more inspiration throughout the season!!!
Spoilerish if you haven't watched the latest episode: Why do I get the feeling Mila wouldn't be allowed to continue on if she wasn't a female and this show now airs on Lifetime and they could not have three male finalists? I think Jay is soo much more innovative than Mila, all she does is black and white all the time anyway, and last night when she did color, it was cheap-looking pairing of flourescent green w/flourescent pink?
Alright guys, I think the OP is no longer reading your responses.
Wow, after all that input, I think we might go after all! But I'm still hesitant about a few things. Let's take the NYC trip as an example. I hadn't planned out the day too much in my head except that I knew I was going to take the kids to FAO Shwarz and the Times Square Toys R US. What I thought went wrong was that I wasn't sure if FAO and TRU would be fun for them, I just assumed it would be. It turns out they didn't find FAO fun at all (the store is set up only with no...
Well? Did anyone watch last night's episode yet? Soo much drama! Let's talk!
I miss traveling, like real airplane travel, exotic travel! I was actually contemplating doing a road trip near where we live for the sake of convenience and as I looked at the rates of vacation rentals, I started to wonder why I would want to pay $250/night for scenery that is just so familiar, so domestic, so blaaah. My kids are 2 and 4. We took them 2 weeks ago to New York City (we live 1.5 hours from there) and it was exhausting. We were going to stay overnight but...
Quote: Originally Posted by Amys1st Kelly was supposed to be on another bravo show that never happened, I wonder what that other show was supposed to be about? I saw on a twitpic that there's supposed to be a seventh housewife being added to the nyc cast?
Quote: Originally Posted by samstress shocked there's no thread on this yet (unless i missed it). i certainly can't be the only one watching! this is the only housewives installment i watch (the other ones just never appealed to me) and i'm totally hooked. alex - not much to say about her. i like that she tries to stay neutral and kinda stays out of all the drama. i still, however, think her and simon are strange and phony. bethenny - glad...
Oh noo, I definitely don't want an AC kind of atmosphere, nor a Coney Island atmosphere, something a little bit more upscale but obviously not millionaire prices. If it doesn't have playgrounds, it's OK, just some other kid activity alternatives for after the beach.
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