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I'm thinking of doing a weekend here or there this summer with the kids (4 and 2). I've lived in Philadelphia almost all my life and know almost nothing about the Jersey shore except that I went there a few time w/friends to Ventnor. One of Dh's friends has a house in Longport but I think that is very expensive, no? I'm looking for a place that is not too cheesy (like for some reason when I hear "Wildwood" I think cheese), has some good playgrounds and good restaurants to...
I gave birth to ds1 @ Lankenau four years ago. I was attended by a midwifery practice that is now broken up. Don't think they have one there anymore. First I would adivise you to work on your fear. I was doing the whole hypnobirthing, natural childbirth thing but the hypnobirthing didn't work at all b/c I had not let go of all my underlying fears. It was sooo painful until I asked for the epidural. Second, about the doula, I hired a labor and post-partum doula for ds2 and...
Hi, I'm looking for a stone for dh to wear to protect his energy field overall as he uses the cell phone a lot. There are a lot of companies like Q-link and emfblues that sell their own proprietary stuff but I'm looking for a mineral that has this property inherintly. Can anyone help?
I don't know if I'm allowed to link to it here, but just go to youtube. I'm so excited for this movie, but of course how could it live up to the book?
I've never read any books on past lives either, but did a past life regression in the hopes of releasing a lot of mental limitations/baggage. I no longer believe that souls exist in neat packages that go from one body to the next. In fact, the unique collection of energy that you are in this lifetime will never exist again. What is being tapped into is collective memory, because we all share the same consciousness. Those that have been able to let go of blockages through...
I used to listen to it online constantly back in 2005 when pregnant w/ds1. I miss it. Why did they stop doing it? There's nothing like it elsewhere.
If you have a problem holding your attention right now, could you entertain for one moment that you might be addicted to the drama of it? I was facing a certain dilemma for the last month or so, would find myself obsessing about it, my heart would start racing, was going to post about it here, and then all of a sudden yesterday, I realized, my ego was making this into something that I could hold my attention on, instead of just being at peace, except peace to the ego is...
Adding on to the last two posts...how would you feel if someone told you you already have all the answers inside of you, in fact you already are all knowing and infinite. You are perfection...NOW. How would you live your life differently? If you are faced with a situation that makes you fearful, could you imagine what would a limitless being do in your place? And now, what if you are that limitless being, what if you are infinite?
If you're mind is spinning around trying to figure out the answer to a question or the solution to a problem, chances are you won't find the answer or it won't be a good solution. You have to let go of wanting the answer and the solution will just happen. This has happened numerous time in my life recently.
What career field would best use the true talents that the universe has gifted me with?
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