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We have two raspberry bushes that are producing like crazy and I'd like to try my hand at making jelly and jam. Do you have a good recipe to share? Can you give me some advice? Thanks ladies.
The no search feature is just plain wrong. I don't come here often but when I do come, thinking mothering might have my answer, I can't search for it. Off to find it else where I guess.
I've never been called a hippie type but I certainly get the looks when I am out and about. I tend to wear patch work long skirts or loud print skirts . . . the kind with a draw string waist and the swishy bottom. I'm always in my sandals, though they are not Burks. I always (unless I am going to a party or such) wear a tie dyed bandana on my head. I don't wear make-up or style my hair.
The only person who I have seen in person with a head covering is mrzmeg and she looked beautiful in it. Hey Melanie . . . I miss you mama.
totally overwhelmed here. My list is a mile long. I have foods to bake, presents to wrap, a house to clean, laundry to get done, my Christmas craft to finish and my boys need to help with their presents to the grandparents. I'm spiraling (sp?) out of control!
Hi! I'm the mama that mrzmeg was referring to in her post. My first child was 4 years in the making. I finally conceived him, gave birth to him and he was amazing. I had such grand plans for the two of us . . . things to do and experience. When he was 15 months old I discovered I was pregnant again. I was also told that I never ovulated and that my first son was a fluke. I was very torn at first about my pregnancy with my second son. My first was just entering...
Well, when it comes to boys have a penis and I am looking for the part of the anatomy that corrisponds (sp?) to a part of the female I say clitoris . . . as a general name for the crotch region it is vulva.
I have never treated an ear infection with chiropractic care because my sons haven't had any but I have several friends who have and think highly of it.
I do not know about the fibroid. This is a first for me. i have never had this happen before in my reproductive life which is why I find it odd. Heck, I have PCOS so I wasn't even regular.
Okay- I was wondering if some can explainhow this can happen . . . I had what I thought was a period this month . . . it ended a week ago Monday. It lasted 10 days which is very odd for me and it was all bright red blood which is also odd. Today I started bleeding again. It is just like the last time with the bright red blood. Now, here is my question. If I bled my uteran lining with the first period which ended 9 days ago how is it that I have more to bleed?...
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