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I used the Miracle Blanket with my daughter until she was 8 mo old - she really needed it. We only swaddled her arms at that point though.
We're at exactly 14lb at 6.5 weeks, 12lb 1oz was birthweight. I don't think I've had ANY kids grow as fast as some of yours! Doubling birthweight by 2 months - wow.
I've had the "six week bleed" or "seven week bleed" after a few births - basically what looks like one period at 6-8 weeks postpartum, and then no cycling due to nursing. Not sure what causes it, but it doesn't necessarily mean your cycles returned.
ITA with what was said here.   I'm a very picky eater, and still don't eat vegetables. I can't really stand the smell, and definitely not the taste or texture. I do sometimes wonder how much of it had to do with stubbornness and needing to be independent, and how much of it is really related to possible allergies or other sensitivities.   If nobody cared one way or another, when I got older I might have considered tasting some to see if my tastes or reactions had...
You'd think after losing at least 12lb of pure baby I'd have lost much more weight by now! :-( I think I'm only 20lb down. Didn't the placenta weigh ANYTHING?!?! None of my "normal" clothes (and even some early maternity ones) fit by a far shot. DH joked about having another baby soon, and all I could think of was "what a great idea, then most of this stomach would disappear!"   I think I'd better consider dieting or excercise in a serious way, because I am NOT...
Love it! Thank you for the pick-me-up!
I'm sorry! That doctor sounds horrible.   Most of my babies have been "macrosomic," and I've never had any tear that needed suturing. Also never did perineal massage.   I also don't know that I've ever heard of a head getting stuck halfway out, although shoulder dystocia (stuck shoulder) might be a possibility, most good midwives know plenty of "tricks" for getting a baby unstuck (usually position changes, sometimes also helping free the stuck shoulder).   It...
Could you set up a fort or play tent in a corner, and give her an mp3 player or laptop with headphones if she wants to be there but not really see/hear what goes on?
Don't tell me that ilovetchotchkes! :D I need to have hope that I won't EVER have such a big baby again!
Thanks for all the support!   After trying to figure out what on earth inspired my body to grow a baby more than 2lb bigger than my last, I bumped into a study that showed that dairy consumption can drastically increase fetal size. I was drinking a half gallon of milk a day for parts of this pregnancy - maybe it wasn't the Slurpees after all....   Ninetales, I'm seeing the drastic difference that 2 lb can make... I am sure glad he wasn't 13.5 lb.   Even with...
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