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Hello from a mostly quiet member! We didn't quite make it for August, but we tried... :)   I was due on the 20th, but I've gone past for most of my kids, so I really wasn't expecting to have a baby too soon. I've even gone to 42+3 with one, so I'm kinda used to that. But this pregnancy at the end was SERIOUSLY taxing. My hips and pubic bone were really sore and I only felt human sitting down. When I stood up I felt like an old lady, hobbling around. Every time I bent...
Ya know, it's kinda like the whole "breech birth is deadly" argument. MISMANAGED breeches are dangerous. Same here. MISMANAGED intact boys (forced retractions for starters, anyone?) leads to greater risk of (admittedly mostly minor) problems. Maybe if peds were actually educated with evidence-based practices, they'd realize that the so-called "benefits" are in reality just trying to make up for their incompetence.
I've had TERRIBLE afterpains that have gotten worse each time. Yes, I'd rather have an epidural after the birth than before. Was on Tylenol 3 last time, and will hopefully get a prescription this time around too.   I was told it's because the uterus is stretchier, it just takes longer to shrink.   ETA: Afterease didn't do diddly-squat for me, unfortunately.
I'm asssuming you've already seen this study on non-surgical correction. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2588201/
14+16+24+22 (tandem) = 76+
If the broken collarbone scares you, a friend of mine had an "emergency" c-section for a breech... and broken collarbone anyhow.
DH isn't so great for me as labor support, he doesn't handle it too well. He's the dedicated childcare person, and stays in another room. It's so reassuring for me to know the kids are close by, but well taken care of. I am a very quiet birther, so it doesn't scare them. 
I'll only feed the older ones once new baby gets his/her share. That way I don't have to worry about it too much. Milk production is constant, so it's not like there's a limited store of colostrum that will run out, but it can take a while to replenish.
Even more rare. One of my little ones asks for "Mommy Mama" (what she calls nursing), latches on for literally 5 seconds, and then pops off with a big smile. I doubt they'll really restart the nursing relationship, but I think it's worth having them still practice occasionally in case I get engorged!
After my twins were born, my midwives insisted I stay more or less in bed for a full week. OK so I'm a lazy bum and I actually LIKE doing things like that, but it was hard watching my frazzled DH and kids getting a bit too neglected for my taste (I'm a very good backseat driver) and house falling apart. But honestly it was one of my fastest recoveries - even though I bled too much and needed methergine, the entire PP bleeding was gone pretty fast. If I could, I'd...
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