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Murphy's Law says you'll WISH you had one, but you probably won't NEED one... :) (When we were in a 1-bedroom with 2 kids, we closed off part of the hall with a shower curtain to create a "room" for the big one. There are plenty of creative ways to make enough of a nursery if you are really not handling baby in your room.)
Loved my waterbirth! If I have a longer labor this time, I'd totally do it again. (My midwives let you use their pool for free, you just pay for the liner and hose.)
I win - 32 lb last time I checked, at 29 weeks.
Congratulations! You did incredible - he looks like a strong little dude. Rest up and feel good!
Sounds a lot like where I'm holding! I'm really suspecting a second set of twins. I've gained about 35 lb now at nearly 29 weeks, despite significant nausea first trimester that left me barely eating, and in general not eating enough (think 2 meals per day instead of 3). My stomach is in my opinion due date worthy, but oddly enough I'm measuring fine. My first set of twins was undiagnosed, but I think I do remember measuring ahead. Plenty of movement, and like you...
Wow, what a beautiful story! And it must be so reassuring for you now to know that your mw was so proactive about making sure nothing happened to you or Julian.
I loved my short labor. My 2 prior labors were in the 5-6 hour range, but then with twins I had a super-fast 1.5 hours from first painful contraction until baby #1, then another 20 minutes until baby #2. It came on faster than I was expecting, but it was definitely very manageable. I guess it helps that I already have an arsenal of coping mechanisms, so I was able to very easily fall into a new pattern.
Yup, the bed does work! I did want a twin nursing pillow really badly, but when I finally got one it turned out to be bulky and a big pain to use. Go figure.
Hardly have any time to read, but rereading "Expecting Miracles" by Jenny Weisberg - lots of interesting birth perspectives and making pregnancy and birth more spiritual.
Congratulations and hugs! What a dramatic entrance.   Hopefully someone more experienced will have more useful information to share. My first thought, though - could your son be groggy from the medication? Maybe it's making him really out of it.
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