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Erica, sounds like a great balanced diet! ;-) Wish I was ambitious enough to make some french fries. I'm on a major dairy kick, so that's a very big percentage of my calorie intake. I drink a good few cups of (not very) chocolate milk most days - hey, it's raw milk! When we're out of milk I just don't eat much.   But when I say I'm huge, I'm not kidding! This isn't my first kid exactly, so I shouldn't be too surprised, but I don't remember being THIS big so soon!...
This is ridiculous. I've gained 20 lb so far, at 24 weeks. But I haven't been eating anywhere near enough. When my appetite starts matching up with my desire to cook... Yikes! 
I'm still nursing both of them, but very sporadically. Usually once every day or two, occasionally more often. I usually get an "all done" comment from them after a minute or two, which is new. Guess there's REALLY nothing left at this point!
I am wearing SAS. They are WAY expensive, but my last pair lasted about 4 years. I have pronation (arches that fall when standing) and I don't do well with too many other ones.
  Ithappened, so sorry you're going through all of that!   About the twins though, you really don't need to be worried about space and supplies. I found out I was having twins after the first one was born, and I hadn't prepared properly for one baby either... We got a carseat when we needed one, used hand-me-downs from my older kids even if they were the wrong gender, and had them both sleep in my bed. (I did push two twin mattresses together to make a bigger bed,...
Planning a homebirth (again!) but there's a decent possibility we'll be moving in a few months, and I'm not sure where yet :) so I'm not sure if I should book the midwives and pay them or go to the local hospital midwife group (covered by insurance) until I know what's going on more. I hated the hospital group last time, so I'm not sure I should put myself through it. I seem to be very bad about early prenatal care, honestly.
Guess it would be easier if my olders were, well, older! My oldest is 6, so although he is helpful, there is a limit to that help - he's still a little boy who needs lots of help himself.
Makes sense to me - last pregnancy (with twins) and nursing was really mild. This one has been really rough though, so maybe not!
I'm craving a big steak. Broiled in the oven with soy sauce and black pepper. And a soggy tuna sandwich :)   Can't get them kosher locally :(   Otherwise most food is not terribly appetizing, and I have that yucky "too much saliva and it tastes too strong"  feeling. This whole hungry feeling is making me a very crabby person to be around!
Still nursing my 18 mo twins... it's getting rough on me! I'm starting to get sore and I'm pretty sure my milk supply is gone. Thankfully they only nurse for comfort, but I'm kinda hoping they self-wean soon. My previous ds didn't  wean until he was 2 - after the twins were born. Don't think I can do it again!
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