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Sacred Birth Midwifery does homebirth of twins. I had mine with them (surprise twins :) and they were fantastic! (Loved them for my previous waterbirth of singleton too)
I got mine and sent it back a few days later. Just too big for me, and not enough give to hold the babies on. I went back to using pillows and blankets for propping.
Did it as soon as they were born! Me and DH have separate beds, so no worries of rolling daddies. I put two twin size beds together, directly on the floor, so I have in essence a king size bed. Turns out I only use one side, pretty much, so I probably could get away with a twin size bed too. (Well, would be pretty ironic otherwise, right?) My bed is against the wall, and babies stay away from the edge - usually between me and the wall. I tend to put the two of them...
I still look 3 months pregnant (babies 3 months old) although I have lost all the weight (I do think that could improve, but they aren't my first either). I think you should read up a bit more on weight gain guidelines for twins - gaining LOTS of weight is the single most important thing you can do to help carry them to term. There should be no weight limits.
I usually do what everyone else does - nurse one at a time and switch. Usually I do the "both next to each other, mom switches sides" method. But it IS possible to nurse both at the same time while lying down, and I have successfully done so when they both are crying and I'm too tired to sit up. - Stack 'em! You just lie one down on top of the other (head of the top baby on chest of bottom baby) - One half-sitting leaning on the other - Putting them both at an angle to me...
I am VERY grateful for my wonderful midwives who put me on pretty strict bedrest for the first week and very strict take-it-easy rules for the next 3 weeks. It was tough on DH, but I'd do it again next baby. Much quicker recovery than the last few kiddos. Note that they told me that lochia will often increase the NEXT DAY after doing too much.
I suppose if you want you can try to pump 5 minutes after each nursing session, you'll maybe get a quarter ounce or so each time but it could add up!
What does "safer in terms of Apgars" mean? My footling breech twin was 7/10, obviously from being breech, but maybe it's supposed to be that way? A lower first Apgar isn't going to cause any long-term damage, but I imagine that an extraction comes along with its own risks (even if some of those are unknown). My gut feeling is not to mess with the process unless there's some concrete indication that intervention is necessary.
I took a few long walks (2.5 miles, 1.5 miles) and a couple short ones, but I don't think I lost any weight. My stomach is still 3 months pregnant, and saggy enough to hang over my waistbands! I am SOOO much bigger on top though that most of my regular shirts (and even some of my maternity shirts) are too tight. I'll blame the sticky weight on that!
Another positive twin pregnancy - it was so good I didn't even know it was twins! Seriously, the last month was pretty tough, but up until that point I had SO much energy! The house was CLEAN (big shocker for me) for months! I did start having loads of BH contractions, which I told myself was a sign to slow down, but really things were great. Babies were born at 41 weeks at home - 1 vertex, one footling breech - both over 7lb. Best birth I ever had.
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