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Glad to know I'm not alone... In the past 2 months alone I have diagnosed myself (with Dr. Google's kind pro bono assistance) with: - cholestasis (I think it was the athlete's foot and no AC) - pre-eclampsia (dark pee is also a sign of dehydration...) - hidden abruption (dehydration + BH + too much nesting) - uterine prolapse (what was I thinking?) - vulvar varicosities (this one might be for real) - twins (I wish) - labor (not so fast,...
Also still nursing... though definitely less frequently. It looks like this one will be hanging on until there's milk again! I can't wait to see his face
I'm kinda shocked myself - I mean this isn't exactly my first, and TG it hasn't been such a tough pregnancy except for my hypochondriachism, but I usually go late and now it's hitting me that I MIGHT GO EARLY!
That was quite an experience! I'm amazed that you still have the openness to still laugh. With that type of perspective, I'm sure you'll heal quickly. No good deed goes unpunished, though, huh?
Phew, I was feeling like I must be the only one! I'm honestly not eating enough and I know it, because it takes too much energy to cook and then my other kids invariably want what I'm eating, so I end up with very little or none. It doesn't help that my appetite isn't so great - I'm on more of a see-food diet, which is very hard when there's nothing cooked in the house! But now I'm being good and eating falafel balls - yum! They're healthy (aside for the oil) right?
EDD - July 11 Predicted date: July 20th (all my babies were born Monday night or Tuesday) although it's a pretty "bad" choice - it's a fast day!
Too much Google Could this be a silent abruption or am I being totally paranoid?
I'm 35 weeks, and yesterday my stomach felt pretty tender to the touch and "heavy" or "full" is the best I could describe it. Today it is VERY tender, and it hurts to move, hurts when it gets mildly jolted, baby kicking hurts, and standing feels like it's putting a LOT of pressure on my stomach. When I'm sitting or lying down it is mostly painless, although I still have that "my stomach is overstuffed" sensation. I don't think it's contractions because I don't feel...
For some comic relief and light reading, don't miss the elementary school classics! - Anything by Arthur Clements (author of Frindle) - Anything by Jerry Spinelli - The Junie B. Jones series - Eight Cousins, The Secret Garden, A Little Princess, Heidi, Anne of Green Gables, etc. (I can't always get "into" a heavier book)
G-d gave us hearts with two sides That two feelings can coexist Rejoice for the baby you hold in your arms Yet grieve for the birth that you missed. Congratulations on Frances! Take it easy, and be good to yourself!
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