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My first was a day short of 40, but my next were 42.5 and 41.5 - so I'm not holding my breath!
Afterpains (only a problem after 2nd or later babies) are worse than labor. And there IS no epidural for those.
I am so grateful for nesting! I hope it keeps up. I have a CLEAN house!!! For the first time since I moved in The laundry is caught up! The dishes are washed! We have REAL MEALS! I started decluttering! I find myself doing shocking activities like using a magic eraser on the cupboards to get rid of the pen and crayon marks! I fixed all of the blind cords so they won't be a safety hazard anymore! Please let it stay...
You can also download an awesome (and free) utility called "Caffeine" that won't let your computer go to sleep. You just click a coffee cup in your menubar, and it "fills up" - keeping your computer awake. When you don't need it on all the time anymore, click it again to "empty it." http://lightheadsw.com/caffeine/
Mine's all Jewish music (and all VERY calm relaxing), but I'm loving that this will be (hopefully) the third time I use the same playlist!
Thanks, I think I will... I have an appt. for next week. Not sure if I should try to go in earlier for a blood draw. The itching isn't THAT bad, certainly nothing close to the "want to cut off my hands and feet" that I've heard from people - just an all-over light itchiness including on my hands (maybe a bit worse there) and what feels like a bad case of athlete's foot. But I think I'd rather be safe than sorry.
I've been having pretty bad itching on my feet at night. Last night I noticed I was mildly itchy more or less all over, including on my palms. Should I convince them that I need to get tested for cholestasis, or is it probably just from the athlete's foot?
If the reason is to check for weight or fluid, palpation will do a better job.
Had thigh labor during early labor with my first. It was actually not so bad, walking through the contractions really made them manageable. Once I got into heavy active labor, the pain migrated to my stomach, and THAT was hard! (Not sure if there were any postioning problems, it was a hospy birth so I wasn't really clued in)
I'm tandeming for now, hope the big one will hang on until there's real milk again! Something neat that happened: A few weeks ago, DS was sick. He gets febrile seizures so I have to keep an eye on him. With all of the worry for him, my milk came back! Literally, I could hear him swallowing, his diapers got more "nursing-baby", and I could even squirt a bit out! Unfortunately, it didn't stick, but I was so grateful while it lasted that I could help him feel better.
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