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subbing...I'm joining ww tonight! I followed the plan awhile back and lost 30lbs; and then I went and got PG. Between PG, BF, and not getting to the gym it's all back. The baby is three months old and I'm ready to get started again. I think I'm at about 230 currently and would love to be down 50lbs by the end of March, that's a pound to a pound and a half each week which seems reasonable.
subbing...haven't been to the ddc for awhile now, the babies are getting so big! Congratulations Lindsay!!!! :
A-- B-- C--Caleb, Cooper, Caroline D--Dominic E--Eliza, Eden, Everly F-- Franklin G-- Gwyneth, Genevieve H--Heinrich I-- India, Ian J--Jacey. Julian, Joyce, Jackson, Jordan(male) K-- Kenady L-- Lucas, Levi M-- Mason, Miriam, Mathias, Maezey, Madelynn N-- Nora, Nessa O-- Oliver, Orin P-- Parker, Piper, Phoebe Q-- R--River, Raymond, Ramsay, Ryan S-- Sierra, Sophia, Soren T-- Tobias (Toby),...
We're officially done, Dh has a vascectomy two months before our little girl was born. She's our 4th and while I think a 5th would be sweet I'm totally happy and content with 4 and Dh was 100% sure he didn't want any more so here we are.
4 last night and the baby is nowhere near dropping yet.
I was thinking about putting it in this weekend. I'm the one that installs them too and I have two other seats that have to be moved as well. I'm hoping it's a *bit* easier if I do it at 35w.
: COngratulations!!! :
Congratulations! It sounds like they are doing great! I hope they are able to head home soon
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