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Cats love them.  We have outdoor cats that get my extras.
Hi,  I believe that as long as you are getting in plenty of butterfat it still works the same as butter oil.  So, if you are drinking raw milk and cream and using butter, you are fine to not take butter oil with cod liver oil.
What is Mediterranian flavor??  Nevermind, I found out.  I guess it has garlic, pepper, and basil oils in it.  No thanks.  lol  I'm glad to have a heads up on the sale!
Herbal tea and bone broth with salt, and not push solids until until he is feeling better balanced and less inflammed. It's got to be stressful, I"m sorry.
veganmothering has inspired me before.
For making sauerkraut? I just use the food processor. Pulse it in batches with the s-blade. Actually, last time I made it, I followe the Body Ecology starter instructions, and used no salt at all, it turned out perfectly cultured!
What about the plain old HVCLO at radiantlifecatalog? It's not fermented, but it's only about $17. compared to fermented at $43. I'm thinking about just going that route this time, unless another good deal on the fermented comes up again.
That was a great link about mucin, thanks. So interesting. I do have the arms. How to get rid of it though? Will it go away as you lose weight and exercise? I discovered this year that my TSH is a little high, but I was/am too scared to start taking a drug that I'd have to be dependant on for the rest of my life. TSH was 5.4--my Dr. said she thought it was okay to wait on the meds and try a multi with iodine and re-test in 6 weeks. I worked more on diet and...
Thanks for the reminder of the importance of Vitamin A. I'm always so lax on taking my cod liver oil. I'd never made the connection between vit A and thyroid before. Very interesting.
I hate this time of year with the swarms of fruit flies! I've decided that from now on, this time of year all the ferments will be taking a rest in the fridge. Especially sourdough. I got a bag of peaches and tomatoes and now my kitchen is full of them. My "trap" to drown them works pretty well though!
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