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Hi Mamas, I have newish neighbors that I'd like to befriend.  They are Muslim, and it is my understanding Eid is about to begin.  Is it appropriate to give them a gift though I am not Muslim?  If so, what would be a good gift for a recently married couple?   Thank you!
Merry Christmas to all of you beautiful single mamas! I hope you all have a day filled with joy and love, remembering that while some of our exes aren't exactly up to our standards, they did at least help make the greatest gift of all: our babies!
just wanted to say hi to all the single parents! i've been a member of this site for a few years now and joined this exquisite group in may, '07. somewhere along the way mdc got put on the backburner, but i feel like we're rekindling our relationship. (i've missed this place!) i know there are a lot of new members in the single parents forum and some that were here when i was a frequent visitor yet don't remember me. either way, i'm looking forward to rejoining the...
yesterday was dreadful. we went all day without any affection of any sort and spent a couple of hours throughout the day, when we could steal a moment, discussing the issue. he admitted that he's scared to let someone else in 'cause his ex really burnt him. he also said that he's afraid if he opens up the relationship will fizzle. i told him that when i receive affection it feels like the sun's coming out from behind the clouds on a rainy day. i'm a very touchy-feely...
thanks for your input everyone. today i'm feeling blah. i'm here with them, and the girls are very glad to see me, but he's acting distant again. this hot and cold behavior from him is really eating away at me, and i hate how it's often all i can think about. i just don't understand. he has all the affection in the world for his daughters, but only sometimes for me. *shrug* i feel like i'm whining, and i apologize. i've talked to him about it, and he has assured me...
Hi everyone, I frequently lurk around here, but find myself needing some insight. I'll try to make this a short post, and thank you in advance for your replies. OK, here goes: I'm a single mom to a lovely 4 year old girl, and I'm dating a single father of two beautiful girls ages 7 and 4. We've not been together an incredibly long time, but already we have strong feelings for one another and believe it will be a long relationship. I've been careful of my...
colleen, you rock! thank you so, so much!!!
about two years ago i started the baby kimono featured in mason dixon knitting, but never finished. my boss is having a baby, and i would like to get this thing off the needles except i no longer have the book. all i have left is a couple more rows, then the seaming. i'm pretty sure i can wing it, but i have no clue what size needles to use. will someone please help me? tia!
i'm with the majority that wouldn't. i have mean world syndrome, and i wouldn't doubt that i'd have a panic attack. now, if any of you ladies are out and about 'round these parts and you need a ride, simply tape a piece of paper to you with 'MDC Mommy' written in large, bold letters. i'll gladly make an exception just for you!
thank you all! i really feel the well wishes. i called today, and it's too late for me to get back into school for the semester. here's hoping a job comes along instead. :
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