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There are a few of us on here. As for good places to meet?... I would try the local LLL group. Mainly AP types there I know there are a few playgroups that way but I'm not sure on the details. There are BF and BW workshops run through Nurtured but it may not be what you're looking for. Personally, I'd love to see a BW group that meets monthly (or once every 2 months?) get off the ground.
Congrats!! So very exciting I'll just concur with all the others. My friend had a MWHB in December (she was one of the first few under the new regulations). I had one before the big change. Maren is awesome, Kelly is sweet and Karen I've only met twice but seemed very nice too. You should be fine but you could always tell them you're considering a UC if you can't have your HB LOL.
I can tell you where NOT to go. DS needed work done and had no idea before we arrived that this was their policy. My heartaches at the thought of what went on behind those doors. NEVER again will I allow that to happen. NEVER! If you fine someone who is more humane (we would also travel), please PM me for future reference. Thanks
My friend has a basement apartment. They had some long term tenants that left in December and they are doing renos to it to upgrade and rent it out again. It has a separate entrance, full bath, kitchen and 2 bedrooms. She backs onto a closed lake in Dartmouth. If you're interested in short term, I could see if she'd be willing to let it out and how much she'd want in rent for the time. There are no beds or anything though. I might have a connection to borrow a queen...
Quote: Originally Posted by limette The only expense will be the extra gas, but what a hassle it's going to be! Will the savings be worth the added stress though? That would be my concern. The extra gas on a big pickup truck pulling a huge trailer will be pretty significant IMO especially at over $1/L.
Quote: Originally Posted by C&M's Mama We have been attending the Sackville LLL meetings for ages and there are lots of AP and extended nursers there. My dd is 31 months and I have a 2 month old, both are still nursing. As for play groups we attend a playgroup at Vineyard Church in Sackville. They have a huge indoor play space with lots of play houses, slides, ride ons etc. It is 2$ and they have a place you can buy a snack if you forget to pack one It is...
Hi Pat! I'm ocassionally around London. Headed there this month for a visit. KistheMum - Inquiring minds... Which local forum? PM me if you prefer or ignore me if you don't
I know a mama from our local LLL group who makes custom cakes. I'm not sure if she has her FB album set for privacy though... Can you see THIS? I can get you her info if you are interested.
Wow they really do make it look great on the website. If you really want to know how it looks though, check out Google Maps Street View of the area.
If it weren't so far away from everything, I'd love to live in Wolfville. Lovely homes, nice sized properties, less expensive real estate and just crunchy enough for me
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